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Inside the Apple’s upcoming iPhone 9, interesting or not

Now, apparently appreciating the new gadget, see what has changed in the stuffing. Updated processor: the iPhone 9 4-core A10 Fusion, where two cores are responsible for the performance and the other two – for efficiency. In practice, this means that for demanding applications included two high-performance cores and for more resource-intensive software enough other energy-saving two cores. Compared with the iPhone 8 was 2-fold higher productivity. At the same time from the battery of the iPhone 9 increased by 2 hours compared to previous generation models. The iPhone 9 Plus autonomy gain little less: PHABLET works an average of an hour longer than its predecessor. The amount of RAM increased: now iPhone 9 Plus 3 gigabytes of RAM LPDDR4 RAM, which is important for the fans to litter the mobile browser tabs.

Cameras in iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus – The camera has received a major update to the iPhone 9 Plus – it has dual 12-megapixel sensor. The main wide-angle camera with extended aperture range from f / 1.8 works in conjunction with the second chamber, equipped with a telephoto lens, 12 megapixel. Thanks to a double chamber and ISP technology on the iPhone 9 Plus you can now zoom in 2 times with the optical zoom for photos and videos. Improved digital zoom allows you to enlarge the image when shooting still images up to 10 times, and the video – up to 6 times. Both cameras feature Optical Image Stabilization technology. Especially for the iPhone 9 Plus application appeared in the survey in a new portrait mode, but function is not available yet – Apple promises to add it to the iOS update. The front facing camera on the iPhone is now 7 Plus 7-megapixel and can shoot video in Full HD as opposed to the sensor with a resolution of 1.2 MP the iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple removed from the iPhone 3,5-mm jack, which is designed for headphones. Now in its place another speaker provides stereo sound. Headphones are connected via a Lightning connector. Included are EarPods with the appropriate connector, and to connect the headphones to the included adapter with a yield of 3.5 mm. Adapter felt pretty thin. Probably better if Lightning-Jack connectors will be one. So less likely that posting a fall over in two places. In general, the transition to the wireless audio on the iPhone 9 does not seem to “upgrade” from previous smartphones, especially considering that the wireless headset can be used with the “iPhone” for a long time via Bluetooth, the need to get rid of at the same time from the usual audio jacks no.

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