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Step By Step Guide To Marketing Your Mobile App

Marketing your mobile app to the consumer base isn’t just a business skill. It is also an effort in effectively trying to communicate your innovation and and its relevance in today’s time period which might be totally alien to a mass that always has trouble accepting evolution.

Of Course at the same time all apps are not just about innovation. At times mobile apps could be designed with a business purpose as well in which case of course, the principle marketing strategies apply. But in both cases it should be known that the universe of social media and the universe where your product exists are filled with tricks smarter methods which make the process of marketing process easier and fun. This can be very well explained from the desk of any top mobile app development company which has plenty of experience in the practice of developing versatile mobile apps.

Here is a step by step guide towards Marketing your Mobile App:

Marketing Strategies are totally different for different kind of apps:

On the basis of what your app serves, the marketing strategy could be moulded accordingly:.

Of course it is comparatively easy to build a brand out of the potential problem solver app. The challenge that comes in this case is when your designated consumer base fails to adapt to a certain process. Taking the examples of popular apps like Uber or swiggy, the product took a lift by promoting itself in popular videos where characters actually demonstrated the use of the product. This way brand integrations and product placement in media is an effective strategy in the marketing of these kinds of apps.

A very crucial point to note is that

“Your consumer base might not be aware of the problem itself in the first place”

Straightforward problem solver apps like Uber or swiggys is fairly simple to comprehend. But with the emergence of technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrency, secure data migration etc it is sure that many orthodox methods of how business models works could be simplified. Those are elements many business aspirants are not aware of and hence it would become difficult to make your services look relevant to them.

Social Advertising:

Besides various social media campaigns there are a lot of tools that help you effectively reach your target demographics which might be likely to use your services more than or rather before anyone else. Facebook is a platform that provides such services and offers a broad spectrum of subtle choices which you can make when it comes to reach out your audience. Google Adwords is another similar and widely used practice that gives you a chance to make your product visible to users based on the search words they enter. This way you can make an assessment of your apps relevance by the kind of search words they enter and based on certain seasonal trends of the year you can effectively execute your marketing strategy.


Besides social strategies and search mechanisms, another effective way to ensure audience reach is by maintaining blogs. Social strategies and other marketing methods are once again marketing methods and marketing serves as a temporary mission. If your mobile app entails a personality then you should start towards building a BRAND which remains eternal with the existence of your product. Blogging not just gives you an effective platform to elaborate and explain all about your product and pointers mentioned in the above topics. At the same time it stands as a permanent portfolio you can hand out to serious consumers who are looking to derive some serious context about your creation.

You can start your blogging exercises on your own website or take the help of any other blog only websites which give the freedom to showcase your content via which you get to access their pre existing fanbase.

Marketing Agencies:

Mobile apps and web marketing is a routined exercise and requires great frequency. With the upscaling of mobile apps there are several  agencies and organizations which are solely dedicated to marketing services. Fetch, App, RedBox are a few known ones out of an ocean full of choices. You can make a search around your own locality and come across several agencies which can cut the efforts of marketing your app to its people. As an experienced Android App Development Company we would advise you take that responsibility on your shoulders as no one better than you knows how to take the first precise step.

Brand Integration:

Brand integration is probably the smartest and constructive means of setting out a marketing goal. The fact that you are able to form a good strategy with other coexisting brands is perhaps a sign that your product is in synergy with the current trends in the market and all that remains to be done is assist each other by driving each other’s traffic on the same direction. With the kind of apps that are in fashion these days, there is always scope for a potential brand integration strategy. Food delivery apps have always collaborated with food labels and travel apps have been collaborating with several hotels. It works the same way how fashion designers have always collaborated with pop stars to launch their designs.

Here at BrainMobi we are accustomed with all such operations any mobile developer needs to undertake. We design and structure apps keeping the above challenges in mind and leave no stone unturned when it comes to our clients satisfaction.

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