Call Center Quality Monitoring Guide

When your business is starting to grow rapidly and you need to adapt to these changes, it can be quite frustrating to keep everything moving towards success. Even if you need to make some major decisions, providing high-quality service is as crucial as any other part of the company. Customers and clients will sometimes decide who to work with and where to buy by checking your support team and their behavior.

Like in any industry, it is difficult to make improvements when you don’t know how to do it so you might need a call center coaching so your customers can get what’s expected. Everything depends on the situation you are in but there is a list you can follow to make sure everything is going well. It can be a part of your business plan if you only plan to do a customer service job.

What It Involves?

The managers are people responsible for the quality of these processes and based on Key Performance Indicator or KPI they will check the performance. There are different factors that are counted in this indicator like the time it takes for the customer to reach the employee and how fast they can reach the agent or resolve the problem they have. Also, the time they need to wait while you resolve the issue and all-around time.

Every company nowadays has a system that measures these parameters and managers will, later on, discuss the metrics. That’s where quality monitoring programs come in and are usually done by people rather than software. They are the ones that will set the margins for good work and what employees should achieve while working. Find out more here:

Gathering Customer Feedback

There are a lot of ways you can gather information from your customers and some of the larger companies gather billions of data that will help them in the future to improve their business model. The first and the easiest way is to use surveys which can bring a lot of information without too much effort. You probably noticed many of them online because it’s the best way to get feedback by just asking them about it.

The best way to do is to have multiple answer option so they can be very precise. People usually don’t care about writing so it’s great to have a rating from 1 to 5 on every question so they can strongly agree or strongly disagree. Remember to keep them short so the client doesn’t get bored and stops filling the survey.

Doing a Follow-up

Following up with customers after they used your service shouldn’t be approached without experienced because it may seem rude for calling, chatting, and talking in person. This should be done only if everything went correctly and the client offers to share their experience. It isn’t the best way to gather information but it is very efficient considering that you will find out what their experience was like right away.

Calling is the worst way to do is to stick with emailing, sending messages over social media, and in-person if you own a store. One of the best methods is to provide a 10% discount if they are willing to give feedback for a bunch of processes involving your company. This may include quality of product, employees, environment, and communication.Click here to read more.

Social Media

Social media is now the number one way to communicate with your clients and gather information through comments and analytics. For example, Instagram provides its own analytics that you can use to see which product is going well and getting the most views. There are also many creative ways to communicate with customers and make them answer questions like at a survey but in a fun way. One of the examples is the giveaway method where they need to do a few things that benefit you in order to participate.

Your social media accounts are also a platform for your customer service because many people feel more comfortable asking questions there than on the website or make a call. This means that you should also give attention to online presence and potential transfer of all communications there because they tend to answer more frequently. This depends on the business you are running but in the near future, almost every industry will have huge benefits being on SM.

Best Practices

The first way to define quality is to have the best possible interaction which is usually done through scripts. Many websites now have AIs that will do it for them but they still haven’t achieved a natural form which they should have. A high-quality script can mean a huge difference so try to find a professional in the industry to help you out in making one.

The next step is to know what you want to improve in the future or which metrics are the most important. Even if you measure everything, you won’t have the manpower to focus on every piece of information you get and try to make changes. Some of the standard things to measure include repeat call rate calls answered per hour, average handle time, and average speed to answer.

Let the employees listen to themselves so they can evaluate their own work. This practice does miracles to an average employee because only then do they realize where the mistakes are made and how they can improve. Once you fill the biggest hole you have as a customer service agency, it will be much easier to focus on other issues so start with major changes.

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