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Smartphone designs and personality traits

Your choice depends on who you are! There are a plenty of smartphone brands available in the market but we choose what is best for us. Astonishingly, we haven’t ever thought of the mechanism behind our choice. Today, there’s an emerging trend for big screens and voguish colors. Sleek and trendy designs and matte look are topping the list. The time cell phones are presented to us, we undergo a thinking therapy inside our brains. We start to fight with every design we see and make a decision thereafter. Most of the time we see cell phones as a product of convenience, keeping designing the second priority but our mind automatically works on our preferred choice. Therefore, concentrating specifically on the designing aspect is not required. Our brains are trained to present our eyes with what they like. The two major aspects of design are mentioned below:

  • The color choices

As per the psychologists, every time we see a color, our brain makes a statement. 80% of the color choices are sub-conscious. Every color reflects our personality and traits. For example, Cyan represents deep thinkers; people who select bold colors are knowledgeable, happy and exuberant.

Every color has its own aura and meaning. People choosing white color are sophisticated having high standards. The simple anatomy behind this is, white is difficult to manage and the ones who choose white are the one who has high standards. The purity ushered by the color white also represents cleanliness and innocence.

While the most preferred choice among females is fuchsia. It represents the trait of military feminism among women with a fusion of aggressiveness and softness. The pink in fuchsia satisfies the girly aspect while the darkness associated with it gives a dual edge of boldness.

The most popular color is black. The subtle souls who like getting along with the flow choose this color. Their preference reflects their roles of protectors and depicts their love technology. Being simple and tech-savvy is their apt description.

  • Age and cellphone colors

Since the usage of cell phones have come down to kids as small as 10 years, there is a demand for childish colors. Boy and girls gradually go for plain colors. Pinks and maroons are persistent among girls while boys are still adamant for blacks and greys. Gradually their choices change. Till the time they are hit with puberty, they start liking all the glitzy colors. Gold glimmering starts to attract them the most.  Older boys, on the other hand, like gothic and psychedelic colors. They also want the latest gadgets to compete with their peers. Old women have often attracted the pink family. Matching their purses and clothes, they like using the browns and maroons. Blacks, basics and metallic are a choice for elder men.

Where everything has a wide choice, the smartphones offer a great variety of colors. Calming our personalities and soothing to our psychology we have plenty of options in the market offering various unique colors. To name a few we have Panasonic Smart Phones India offering trendy colors. There are other options as well like Xiaomi, MI, Samsung etc.

  • The design choices

The full touchscreen in the center and a metal or glass back: the perfect monotonous smartphone look. The brand logo is the only identity that differentiates the phone from one another. If there wasn’t a logo, we wouldn’t have a differentiating factor. The market is most commonly dominated with such devices but there are certain handsets that rule the market with their unique designs.

There are brands that are focusing on aesthetics and welcome a great room for innovation. The sleek and strategic designing, highlights and glass designing are some standing out features.

There’s a latent demand for glasses in the market. Corning Gorilla glass is one of the oldest yet the most preferred glass type today. Corning gorilla glass originates from the 160-year-old science technology company that developed Edison’s bulb. With a sole notion to change the era of auto industry’s glass, it has lately become a global leader in mobile phone glass covers. Be it the test of time or various UBIF tests, corning is listed as a premier choice. It can be found in almost every mobile brand today and is constantly coming up to capitalize on the fast-changing automotive buyer’s habits.

Along with it curved screens are another technological and designing product that appeals to the customers. Although big view displays continue to dominate the market, there is a need for sleek devices as well. Easy to handle and going appropriately with our personality are the features of a sleek design. Apart from opting for the basic Samsung and Apple, we must consider the trendy and youthful phones offered by Panasonic Smartphones, Xiaomi, MI and much more.

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