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Common iPhone Problems and How to Get Them Fixed

The iPhone is currently one of the leading mobile phones in the world. It has become a symbol for individuals who want productivity and convenience in the palm of their hands. The iPhone, built by Apple, is currently in its eighth generation, and the company rolls out a new model each year. However, like any other mobile phone, the iPhone also has its fair share of problems. Some issues that might arise in your iPhone include:

  • Damaged, cracked screen
  • Phone won’t charge
  • iPhone touch problems

As you can see, all of these problems are serious and will affect your ability to use the phone properly. You might have to take your phone to a certified iPhone repair company in Basildon to get it fixed. Here are some other things you can do to fix your phone.

Do a Forced Restart

If the iPhone continues to freeze or the touch won’t respond, a simple trick you can try is to carry out a forced restart. To force restart the phone, you need to press the home button, and while holding it, press the sleep button simultaneously. Hold the two buttons together for ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears on screen.

Cracked Screen

If the screen cracks, you will have no option but to get the screen replaced completely. Most people think the upper glass can be replaced separately, but that’s not true. The entire panel from within will have to be changed as well.

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