How do I update the firmware on my router

In the present times, themajority of the internet users prefer to use it on a Wi-Fi as it is the most convenient option to communicate while using the internet. One does not need to worry about all the cables and connections and can also carry the laptop in any corner wherever he wants. There are lots of offices and even residents where one loves to use Wi-Fi. For a wireless connection, a router is a primary requirement, and hence one needs to protect it from different people such as hackers who can just hack the router and can enter into one’s network.

If a hacker can hack the router, he can easily use one’s data and also misuse the same. Hence what one needs to do is to protect the router from such people. Very few people know that the router also has firmware, and it needs to be updated as and when the updates are released. It can help one save from virus and hackers. This firmware has a code that is provided to enhance the safety of the device. These updates can also help to boost the efficiency of the router in case it faces the problems such as connection drop or low signal strength.

Usually, these routers are set by the technicians who come to the venue for setting the connection, and the password what they set are easy to guess and crack. So, the foremost important thing here is to change the password. Here are some important steps on how do I update the firmware on my router provided who want to safeguard the router against the probable hacking.

  1. First of all, one need to open the gateway of the router. For this one can enter the IP address and press enter. To get the IP address, one can check the router manual.
  2. On the next screen, there will be setup for the router provided. One needs to provide the user ID as well as Passwords to alter them. One can check the available firmware on the provided router page.
  3. Now visit the official site of the router manufacturer and provide the router model. Here one can check the available updates for the router and download them on a concerned location of the system.
  4. Now one can check the router page. Here just click on theadministrator to install the updates. Here one can click on the button provided for afirmware upgrade which will prompt one to go to the files of firmware which are already downloaded. One just needs to update them and move ahead as per the provided guidelines. In a few minutes, the firmware will be updated with enhanced security.
  5. One can also go for remote management access on the router page where one needs to check the disable option to offer enhanced security to the router. One just needs to restart the system as well as arouter to get the firmware into effects.

Now the router is completely safe, and one can enjoy using it without any worry.


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