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The improvements of Galaxy S8 will be carry forward to Galaxy S9

The most important improvement of the current champions, and all models in 2017 from Samsung, are increased during operation and clearly are guessed by Galaxy S9 release date. For which Samsung has done huge work, and this should be noted. On average, they will work in the 1.5-2 times longer than previous devices of the same segment. The reason for the increase in battery capacity, and time duration is also the optimization of software, and hardware that are going to be subtle level for Galaxy S9.

A few words about the connector microUSB, which is a progressive part of mankind already decided to send to the scrap and waits USB Type C. Personally, I’m worn out pull a second cable, constantly forgetting, and so some phones I have charged only at home, where there is such cables. Value Type C is highly overrated, this connector is needed a small audience that feels enthusiastic technologies. Therefore, in its bulk product not used. The gradual transition to it will start in the autumn of 2017, and that this question is not settled until the end. Now Samsung felt that the compatibility of accessories is much more important than the support of the fashion trend in Samsung Galaxy S9.

Speaking about the AMOLED, Exynos and time. The Meizu Pro 5 using such a combination of components from Samsung, to bring in his flagship, the maximum operating time. Other companies are starting to learn from Samsung, it is becoming a trend to be present in Galaxy S9 as well. Version Bluetooth 4.2, it is created for the Internet of things and works well with a variety of sensors. The rest is not much change, new profiles, improved power consumption. Let me remind you that there are interesting things in the new standard for Samsung Galaxy S9.

First, an expanded range, which may reach several tens of meters, dependent on device settings and how the manufacturer has set this option. Second, the IP protocol is addressing, i.e. devices now have their own unique address and communicate with a plurality of such devices, and the devices like Galaxy S9 to be revealed in Galaxy S9.

From the technical aspects of improved interaction Bluetooth and LTE, is now within the same device going synchronization of these techniques, the interference is not generated (for our LTE irrelevant frequencies). Plus Bluetooth-enabled devices can now apply to the cloud and to transmit the results directly, bypassing the companion device, as is previously required. But now there all bet set for launch of Samsung Galaxy S9.

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