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How Do I Reprogram My Charter Cable Remote Control?

Charter Communications is one of the largest cable service providers in the United States. It offers various services, including television, Internet and phone across the country. Further, the company provides all these services under its Charter Spectrum brand. Spectrum TV offers HD channels, DVR service, several On-Demand options with many of them available in HD too.

Charter cable is known for its quality television services and products that have been offeredto its customers in the form of numerous television packages, DVR services along with standard and universal remote controls. With Charter universal remote control, you can manage multiple devices instead of using different remote for each device. Moreover, it is easy to reprogram your Charter Cable TV remote and you can do this the same way as it was originally programmed.

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It just takes a few minutes to reprogram the remote from your home and for this,all you need is just the remote and the TV to which, you want to reprogram the remote. Follow the below-given instructions to reprogram your remote easily.

Steps to Reprogram Charter Cable Remote Control

Reprogramming a Charter Spectrum cable remote requires to follow the same steps as you did the first time. After reprogramming your remote, you can easily use it with multiple devices, including television, DVR, cable-box, sound appliances and more.

So, this way you will not be required to use different remotes to control various devices connected to your TV and with just a single remote, you can conveniently control all of them. So, following these steps to reprogram your remote.

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Step 1

First, power on the device to which you want to program your remote, then aim the remote at this device.

Step 2

Look for the button for the device you want to program and once you find it, press it and release.

Step 3

Locate the”Setup” button on the remote and after finding the button, press it and hold until you see the red indicator light on the chosen device being flashed twice. As soon as you the lights being flashed, release the button.

Step 4

Now, you need to enter the four-digit code for your device by using the keypad of your remote. You can find the code for the device in the instructional manual for the remote or you can visit the company’s website to find the code.

Step 5

Once you enter the code for the device, wait until the red indicator light flashes two times. After this, press the “Power” button on your remote to finish the programming. After this, test your remote to check if you have reprogrammed it successfully or not.

Step 6

To reprogram your remote for any other component, simply repeat the same steps and press the device button for the relevant component.

The above steps should help you easily reprogram your remote for a television, DVR and other devices as this will allow you to use a single remote control that came with your Charter Cable service. However, at times, users may experience some technical problems or errors that make it difficult to set up the remote. If that is the case with you too, then you can resolve such issues in no time with the help of Charter communications support service.

To get instant help for resolving technical faults with your Charter Spectrum TV, Internet, Voice or other services, you can contact Charter phone support that lets you avail immediate assistance over a phoneline.

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