SEO and Social Media – A Powerful Combination

Combining SEO and social media makes an extremely powerful digital marketing strategy. Using them together has the potential of helping businesses take more than their fair share of their target audience from their competitors.

Social Media and the SEO Process

Social Media has definitely taken the digital marketing world by storm. It’s also undeniable that its effects on SEO are evolving. Social media can be highly efficient when it comes to developing link baits (great for SEO). Social media sites have become powerful platforms for sharing information and networking, great ways to promote brands and develop high-quality links. This helps to boost SEO rankings.

Understanding How SEO and Social Media Works

At their core, search engines function in terms of authority and relevance. Authority is produced by links. Relevancy emanates from content with the right keywords worked into them. These factors are what defines the social media landscape today. This is why so many SEO experts feel that social media networks are introducing new ranking signals for search engines. That said, this new ranking signal isn’t going to replace the ranking signals that are generated by conventional SEO strategies. Rather, it’s going to help boost the link building signal that’s created by effective brand engagement and the regular flow of quality links.

What Does This Mean for SEO?

Because the very concept of SEO is to get more traffic, build strong brand awareness and increase profits by link building, social media sites can enhance existing SEO strategies and practices. Combining SEO with social media marketing can help businesses outrank their competition and dominate of the search engines. The important thing to keep in mind is that this won’t happen overnight. You’ll definitely need to know what you’re doing and work on conventional marketing tactics.

Knowing Your Audience

Before search engine optimization, social media, etc. can deliver results you need to make sure that you know your audience. You also need to know what their goals are, what responsibilities they have that you can help them with, etc. In other words, how can your product or service help your target audience? Understanding your customers and how your services or product relates to their needs is extremely important. Your product or service should be the foundation of your marketing strategy and how well you know your audience will have an effect the promotion of products, services and pricing. Basically, ranking high on the search engines and being found is only half the battle – you must convince your prospective client that your products or services will deliver.

Fine Tuning Your Approach

It’s important to take the time to figure out how your marketing, lead generation and sales strategies work together. From there you can fine-tune your approach.  You’ll also need to continue to pay attention to changes made by the search engines and social media platforms.

Combining SEO and social media can help you achieve your business goals, however, in order to achieve the best results, consider hiring an expert to help you. Working with a Local SEO Company CT who knows what they’re doing eliminates the pain of trial and error and lost revenue. It will also mean you have someone on your team that will keep up with all the changes that are sure to take place in the SEO and digital marketing landscape.

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