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Google AdWords Management – why it’s best left to our web designers in Geelong

Paid search advertising is a fast, effective way to get customers to pay attention to a landing page or website with a sale or offer. The most popular paid search advertising platform is Google AdWords, and all you need to start using it is a Gmail account. Because it’s so easy to begin, you might be tempted to manage your advertising yourself. You’ll get a better result if you leave it to paid search professionals, such as our web designers in Geelong.


While it’s possible for you to manage your own AdWords campaigns, if your business is small you need to ask yourself if that the best use of your time. You should be focusing on wooing clients and closing deals, and not small details such as which keywords to bid on. Until your business is large enough to have a dedicated in-house AdWords team, it’s best to leave it to AdWords experts.

When you outsource your AdWords management, you’ll experience these benefits:

  • You won’t have to invest in costly management, analysis and optimisation tools and software that you won’t use enough to be worth what you’ve spent. This includes what’s needed for periodic and accurate reporting.
  • You won’t have to worry about missing critical changes made by Google that could impact your efforts. For example, you probably weren’t aware that you could target YouTube viewers based on their Google search history or to view foot traffic conversions for Google’s Display Network.
  • You won’t have to spend hours of your time testing ads. Testing is critical as a poorly performing and can impact your ROI. Constant testing prevents this from occurring.
  • You’ll find it challenging to break even without specialised AdWords knowledge. With the help of an expert, it’s possible to eventually have your average costs per month be outstripped by the average value that a customer brings in.

As you can see, anyone can start with Google AdWords, but to get results you need a professional to work alongside you to create a strategic plan that will meet your goals and make you money at the same time.

The team at Pixelfire are web designers in Geelong who also provide Google AdWords services. Why not update your website and start using Google AdWords today?

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