Quizistan Trivia Quiz – Best Way to Improve General Knowledge

We hardly realize that we waste a lot of time every day on the internet. Most of the time we keep looking things online that serve no purpose. We would suggest if you have spare time and internet, then you should use it in a better way.

Do you know people earn a lot of money by playing games online? You can also try your luck on a general knowledge quiz and win some cash prize. If you have an interest in general knowledge, then you can easily earn a decent amount of money by playing Quizistan.

Be a part of this new Trivia Quiz Game and get ready to wind up handsome amount of money. You can either play for fun or can also play to win some real cash. You can compare your score and rank with the rest of the contestants and measure your capability accordingly. Once you are sure about your performance you can start playing for money by brushing your knowledge.

Whether you are a student, housewife, employee or a retired person, Quizistan is open for all. If you want to try your luck to win some money by answering a general knowledge quiz, you can play this online quiz.

There are 8 questions in a quiz game which are to be answered in a limited time frame. For each right answer you will earn some points and for each wrong answer you will lose some points. Quizistan gives you a chance to spend your time in a more meaningful way. The more you learn and score, the more will be your earnings.

You can play the game in either Hindi or English.  Our writers not only frame questions in English but also write GK Questions in Hindi for our users. Those users who are not well-framed with English language can choose to answer general knowledge questions in Hindi. You get 10 seconds to answer a question and are never eliminated in the game, even if you answer a question wrong.

The prize money is the highest for the first winner and the remaining amount is divided amongst other winners. You need to get the highest score in order to win the highest money prize. To get high score, it is important that you answer each question as fast as you can.

Quizistan is growing very fast and has today grown as one of the interesting platforms available online to earn some extra prize money. People are using this prize money to pay for their phone bills, drinks, food, travelling expenses and many others.

All kind of topics are available such as General Knowledge, History and Geography, Who Am I, Bollywood, Music, Cricket, and Mythology. Topics of this online quiz game change every hour so that you will not get bored of playing the same topic quiz. You will always be helped by our team members. You can contact them for any queries related to account balance, gameplay. KYC etc.

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