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Moto G5 Plus Vs Moto G4 Plus: What’s the difference?

When it comes to comparing mobile phones, the competition gets tougher when it is done between two different devices from a single brand. A lot of the times, a given brand keeps on launching more and more devices, with a promise of making them better from the previous ones, but there is actually very slight difference between both the models which is often taken over by those specs which are better in the earlier model than the latest one.

Two such devices which we will be comparing today are the Moto G5 Plus, and Moto G4 Plus. Both are Motorola mobiles, one was launched last year, and the other one has just been launched. Read on to know what the key differentiating factors between the two are.

  1. Price – What is very obvious is the fact that there will most certainly be a difference between the prices of both the devices, especially if they were launched months apart. The starting price for Moto G4 Plus is Rs 12, 999, whereas for Moto G5 Plus it is Rs 14, 999. This is mainly because the G4 model is available with Android Marshmallow, and the G5 model is preloaded with Android Nougat. However, the G4 model can be updated to Nougat.
  1. RAM and Storage – Apart from the operating system, the key factors causing difference in performance as well as price, includes the RAM and storage of the device. In Moto G4 Plus, you get access to 2 GB RAM, where as in Moto G5 Plus, the basic model has a RAM of 3 GB. This in-turn also impacts the amount of storage that you will be provided with. Both the devices however provide you with scope for extending the storage. For greater RAM, you can opt for the higher model of G4, if not G5.
  1. Display – This is one of those areas, where G4 gets ahead of Moto G5 Plus. The screen size in G4 is 5.5 inches, whereas G5 Plus offers you with a screen size of just 5.2 inches. But this can be overlooked if you focus on the greater amount of RAM and storage it provides. And although G5 Plus has a smaller screen size, it has a faster CPU. It is accompanied with a 2GHz octacore processor, unlike the 1.5 GHz provided in G4 Plus.
  1. Camera – This also that part where G4 overtakes Moto G5 Plus. The primary camera in G4 is of 16MP, whereas in G5 Plus, it is of 12 MP, this however has a dual flash, and G4 Plus doesn’t. G5 Plus also has a better looking, and sleeker body. There is a difference of 2.2 mm of thickness between the two. G5 Plus is 7.8mm thick, whereas G4 plus has a thickness of 9.8 mm. This makes G5 Plus a lighter and an easier to carry device thus taking over G4 once again.
  1. Battery life – What could have easily been the deciding factor for which is the better device among Moto G4 Plus and Moto G5 Plus, has been left equal in both! This is indeed disappointing, because both the devices have a 3000 mAh non removable battery, which is not justified for those paying more money to buy G5 Plus. As a more recent device, it must have been backed with a more powerful battery, but sadly it isn’t thus leaving very minute differences between both the models.

Verdict – After comparing multiple aspects of Moto G5 Plus with the erstwhile Moto G4 Plus, we have come to the conclusion that opting for G4 Plus might just be a better option. It might be the one with a weaker processor and lesser RAM, but it is also the one with a better camera and a bigger screen. The memory can be expanded through SD card, and 3GB RAM is available for G4 Plus as well, in addition to this is the exactly same battery in both devices. So spending more money will give you very little advantage over those spending less for G4 Plus which is probably why you too can opt for the older model, and just upgrade it. You won’t be missing out on much by doing so.

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