Futuristic Technology That Could Start Increasing Truck Driver Safety

The trucking industry may have only begun adjusting to improvements in technology recently, but it has been progressing rapidly in that regard. Now, truck manufacturers are making sure that appropriate technology is being used to lessen the risks that come with long-distance travel. You will discover that retaining the services of a lawyer is a great step but you can enhance the safety of your business by actually integrating tech solutions to your trucks. Here are some tech platforms that would be incredibly helpful in ensuring the safety for both the trucking company’s business and its crew:

360-degree technology

While this technology is still under heavy vetting by developers at Volvo, it has already shown promise when it was introduced in AA Commercial Vehicle exposition in Germany in 2014. What makes this platform unique is its ability to scan the environment of the truck from all angles so that the driver would be able to act accordingly in preventing collision and other accidents. Sensors, cameras and radars will be attached on all sides of the truck, with reports queued into the platform every 25 milliseconds.

Two-truck platooning system

This system not only lessen the possibility of having an accident, but it also saves fuel in the long run. This technology is just as its name suggests, making use of already available technology so that two trucks will be able to travel closer than what was usually normal. The platform has a forward collision avoidance, forward-looking radar, intelligent breaking and vehicle-to-vehicle link integrated that detects possible collision threats that may endanger the platoon. The test run that has been done by Peloton Technology has found out that fuel efficiency is improved in the front and back truck by 10% and 4.5% respectively.

Highway Pilot system

Think of how the autopilot works on an airplane and the highway pilot function closely resembles that. The highway pilot system enhances the scope of the safety system installed on your truck so that it can interact with other automobiles nearby.

For it to work, the highway pilot system makes use of a set of wide and narrow angle radar to estimate the distance of other vehicles in the roadway from the truck. A few stereo cameras and long and short-throw are also integrated into the system. It also uses Wi-Fi to communicate with other vehicle safety systems.

It is currently being developed by a team of engineers at Daimler Truck though initial versions have already been included in recent releases such as the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 and the Freightliner Inspiration Truck.

Predictive analytics models

Most truck fleets may be using scorecards to assess the performance of truck drivers but that ignores a very important factor: safety risk. There are some analytics software that indicate the risks that come with driving. One such example, developed by Fleet Risk, detects when a driver is under stress. And we all know that stress can cause distraction and when a driver is distracted, it can affect his focus, thereby leading to accidents.

There are a lot of uncertainties in driving long distances in the trucking business. With the technologies mentioned above, the safety and security of your driver and the truck will at least be improved.


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