Messaging is one of the best ways to communicate with your friends, colleagues and relatives. Think about the fact when you can simply message from the computer by just downloading an application. Yes, I am absolutely right. The Wease is a free messaging application that helps to send and receive messages from anywhere in the world. This application is launched in the year 2017 and it is compatible with Windows 10. Presently, this app is having the community of approx 2 million of users. It is one of the easiest applications for chatting from your desktop.

In these days, most of the people depend upon the software for doing the tasks. Communication has now become quite easy with the help of the various apps launched presently. As the number of features increase, these apps tend to become heavy and complicated. But, thanks to Wease! It goes to the basics. The main aim of launching this app is to provide a platform to the user, which is simple and secure to use. While you are downloading this application, you do not require any registration. Any anonymous user can have the account in this messaging platform. The user also does not need to provide the mail address, the phone number and others for validation. When downloading, the account is automatically being generated and the identifier is then created. Free users can make new identifier when they require.

You may be thinking about the security access of the app? Thanks to the encrypted messages. No message remains in the server. No sooner the correspondent receives the message; the message gets deleted from the server. Even at times, the messages get stored for 1 week or less. The messages are sent in a single session, helping all the users to keep control over the audiences. This messaging platform is very easy to use and it is best for the gamers. When talking from the professional point of view, the security and enhanced control option of this app helps in confidential exchanges. The Wease also allow sending files and images. You can also conduct video chats too.

Now, why are you waiting? Download wease and starts chatting!