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Things You Should Know Before You Buy Electric bikes and eBike conversion kits

Planning on buying an electric bike or an eBike conversion kit? There are a few things that you may want to think about first! We are going to cover a few of them on this page!

Can You Convert your Existing Bike?

If you have a quality bicycle already, there is no sense in replacing it with a whole new electric bike. This is going to be expensive. Instead, you may want to opt for an eBike conversion kit. With a kit like this, you will be able to convert your existing bike into an electric bike.

You will need to talk to the supplier of these conversion kits to ensure that they are going to be right for the bicycle that you are riding.

What is your purpose of owning an electric bike?

As you start to tap into the world of electric bikes and eBike conversion kits, you will notice that there are a lot of them to choose from. You are going to want to start to narrow down your selection as quickly as possible. For example; you are going to require a different electric bike for getting to and from work than somebody who wants a bike for hitting the trails.

Yes, you can get bikes which are able to deal with a multitude of different uses. However, it is important to note that these are going to be a little bit more expensive. If you can justify the cost, then by all means by one. However, most people cannot. Basically, opt for a bike which is going to be suited to whatever purpose you are carrying out the ‘most’.

Think About the Brand of the Bike

Big brand bikes are more expensive for a reason. These bikes tend to be of a higher quality. This means that they will last longer. In most cases, the fact that these bikes last longer is going to be more than enough to justify the cost of them. In addition to this, if there is an issue with the bike or eBike conversion kit, it is going to be a lot easier for you to source the spare parts that you need.


You will want to think about the drive of your electric bike. There are two main options available here:

  • Pedelec: this measures the rate that you are pedaling at. The motor will then provide a small amount of assistance to this. The aim of this system is to get you travelling at roughly 25km/h.
  • High Performance eBikes: these are a bit rarer. They have a higher maximum speed and may require a special licence to operate. Their availability will be dependent on the country you are located in.


The more expensive the bike, the better the battery. If you opt for a cheaper bike, the battery may be heavy. This can really impact the speed that you are cycling at. In addition to this, the battery may have a shorter life before it needs to be charged. We recommend that you read through all of the information related to the bike to know just what the battery brings to the table.

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