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Company executives are constantly striving to improve the efficiency of their workforce. One of the most important steps to achieve this goal is the improvement of the company’s management system. And this, as usual, is not that easy.

CRM bpmonline ( is a class of automation systems that allows you to control the interaction with the customers. These include all aspects of cooperation from various business contacts to sales and customer service requests. The main purpose of the CRM system integration within an organization is to manage and organize customer information. This enables to understand customer behavior and to organize more effective communication.

To improve the management system of the enterprise as a whole, it is not enough to use some standard algorithms, at least they must be accustomed and assimilated to each task. It is much more efficient to create the software from the very beginning than to use common models without taking into account all the unique features of the market and other specific sides of the customer’s business.

A special business process management software ( is a special tool used to manage the business. With the help of online BPM, it is possible to carry out analysis of business processes, create their graphic schemes and improve the process of working on the basis of the obtained data. Also, it is possible to identify weaknesses in the company’s activities, including the divisions that are left behind.

Why bpm’online BPM software is the best?

BPM online helps you stand out from the competitors, to develop the right products and services for your customers and provide the necessary convenience and stability.

The best BPM software helps solve the following tasks:

  • Optimize business operation through increased transparency, continuous monitoring and analysis processes.
  • Accelerate tasks with powerful and reliable mechanisms for joint effort.
  • Confidently manage changes by means of understandable functions.
  • Build a more meaningful interaction with customers through the expansion of business processes on mobile devices, therefore providing best of the kind customer management software.

The main differentiator of the best BPM software is a super-fast payoff at low labor costs during the implementation stage. This software is good for managers due to it’s easy to control the business processes in the company; for ordinary employees – it provides a clear division of responsibilities; for clients – provides faster delivery of services, or the provision of goods.

The functionality of the BPM-system is constantly expanding; it is considered among the best leading software products in the field of enterprise automation. Of course, there is no unique model for all companies, so the attempt to implement one single BPM often results in failure. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the business special features to customize the chosen BPM system in according to business requirements.

The main bpm’online BPM software benefits

The main benefits of the software are:

  • Advanced administration tools – allowing for integrating with LDAP and performing system audit.
  • Built-in wizards and editor, which are easy to change the interface.
  • Capabilities to integrate bpm’online – different ways to integrate the application with other systems.
  • Open configuration – the possibility to change the functionality of any application. The user gets unlimited possibilities for system programming and application integration. Available capabilities are:
  • Settings and development of new applications based on BPMonline due to automatic user interface generation technology.
  • The adaptation of applications by linking services together, rather than by creating a new code.
  • The system is based on the popular and constantly evolving platform, which is convenient for the developers.
  • Process designer – identifies all the business logic and automates the system operation.

Bpm’online platform features

  • Architecture and technology. Bpm’online architecture is based on the most advanced technology. It configures the system, enabling it for modeling and automation of any specific business processes.

Bpm’online platform software products are different web-applications that do not need client-side installation. The system work is carried out with the help of an Internet browser.

  • Business processes are the foundation of the bpm’online platform. The user can easily change the business process model in order to get the desired functionily of the application.
  • Customization tools mean flexible user’s personal settings. The user has possibilities for application configuration, it is possible to customize the registry, filter and aggregate the data, etc.
  • Deployment. There are two deployment options:

– On-cloud (SaaS) – utilization of the system via a web interface, hosted on the servers of certified datacenters.

– On-Site – the utilization of the system, hosted on the company’s own server (user access through the web interface).

  • Integration can be performed with web-services, intermediate files, stored procedures and through the OData protocol, etc.
  • Bpm’online platform applications ensure the availability, integrity of confidential information. Its protection against unauthorized use is on several levels.

BPM system in action consists of 4 main steps:

Designing – development of graphical models of business processes and their analysis, the development of user interfaces, business rules definition.

Implementation. The created business process, which is integrated with existing corporate systems, can be adjusted or re-designed.

Staying up-to-date – work with the system in real time, define the exceptions to business rules, and input the required feedback.

Optimization – a system analysis, identification of bottlenecks and problem areas, possible detection of inconsistencies with other corporate systems.

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