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5 Best Apps for Traveling

More people choose to travel during the summer months than any other time of year. This largely due to taking days off to go on vacation—both abroad and within the continental U.S. Traveling has its share of complications; such as booking flights, travel and finding destination attractions. But thanks to technology, these are made easier with the help of travel apps.

What are the best travel apps to use? Here is the top 5:

1. PlanChat

Traveling in groups is always fun—whether it’s with friends or family, but planning the actual trip (where everyone agrees on where to go, stay and tour) has it’s challenges. After all, it’s hard to agree on things. The PlanChat app allows groups to share ideas, such as where to go sightseeing, what activities to do and what restaurants to try out. Consider it a better means of communication. And while on the actual trip, there is a photo and video share feature for the entire group to see.

  1. Yuggler

Traveling isn’t always easy when there are children involved. It’s difficult to find child-friendly destinations or activities to do. Rather than having them complain about being too bored, Yuggler helps parents find kid-friendly things to explore within their destination. Not only does this app provide tips on where to go, it also displays photos of the area. There is a filter available so you can select desired location/activity specifications. This is a sure way to please the whole family.

3. Localeur

There are plenty of tourist sights to explore in any city. Whether it’s going to the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite, Niagara Falls, etc., there are other things to see that only the locals know about. And they too can be just as exciting to experience firsthand —such as the best restaurant in town, the best place to shop, drink, etc. Localeur extends to 25 U.S. cities (and growing), featuring such destinations that the locals highly recommend visiting.

4. Cool Cousin

Consider Cool Cousin the abroad version of Localeur. Residents from over 14 worldwide destinations share what are the best locations to visit in major cities such as Paris and London.  If you want to explore something less mainstream than the Louvre and the Tower of London, this app is for you. It’s an exploration of sights only known by locals.

  1. Wiffinity

One of the downfalls of traveling anywhere is the inaccessibility of an Internet connection. And even when there is available Wi-Fi, you don’t always have a password—after all, many times they are locked networks. So when you aren’t staying somewhere that has Wi-Fi (yet there is somewhere nearby that does) or you are at a location that doesn’t have a shared network, there is an app that remedies that situation. Wiffinity collects Wi-Fi passwords (thanks to it’s ever expanding users). So when using this app, you can see what networks and passwords you can connect to.

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Andrea Fisher is a marketing copywriter and thoroughly loves all things travel-related. When she’s not writing about the latest tech apps and products, you can find her planning her next getaway. She’s currently making an itinerary for an upcoming trip to France.


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