Does your Website Have the Traffic But Not The Sales? Digital Marketing Might Be The Solution

There are many companies that neither have the web traffic, nor the sales to be successful, but what if your website has a healthy volume of traffic but very few sales? This scenario is one that some businesses experience, and the best way to remedy that is to bring in the web design and digital marketing experts, who are highly skilled in creating engaging websites that encourage the consumer to place an order.

Online Consumer Behaviour

In order to hit the nail on the head, so to speak, and find out the reason why users are not placing orders, one first needs to understand the online consumer’s behaviour. Today’s consumer is very much spoiled for choice, and a slow loading page is all it takes to have a user click that mouse and continue their search for the right supplier somewhere else. It might be that the content is of poor quality and simply does not inspire the reader, or you are not making the best use of calls to action, which can often be the tipping point that results in an order being placed. You might be looking for Bangkok SEO services, in which case, a location based Google search will surely give you a list of local providers, and after some browsing, you can make an initial enquiry and take it from there.

Slow Response

Some consumers begin the purchasing process with a simple question. It might be via email, or an online form provided for that every reason, and if the response time is more than a minute or two, you will likely lose customers. The ideal set up is to have an online chat feature, which is, of course, manned day and night, and when any potential customer has a query, it will very soon be answered. Whatever the problem is, a digital marketing outfit will soon identify the area in need of improvement, and from then on, you will hopefully be able to convert a higher percentage of sales enquiries.

Professional Evaluation

A top notch digital marketing company would treat every project as a challenge, and with the best people in their team, it wouldn’t take long for them to identify the problem area. SEO experts use very powerful online analytic tools, and they can find out the geographical locations of visitors, what pages they visited, and how long they spent on each page. This information is more than enough to figure out what needs to be remedied, and once the marketing company have compiled a proposal, the client can easily understand what is wrong and how it can be addressed.

The SEO industry is performance based, and any company that professes to be at the top of their game would have an impressive list of clients, which gives you an added sense of security that you are, in fact, talking to the right organisation and not some small time start up. If you would like to improve your conversion rate, talk to the digital experts and they can surely turn things around.

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