Security and Privacy in the digital world

Our whole life we are worried about two things- Security and Privacy. Even in the digital world consisting of smartphones and tablets, these two things are of utter importance. We live in a digital era where we do everything from our smartphones and the idea of keeping our privacy secured has often struck our mind. Despite various threats, we are always sure of the fact that our smartphones are safe from falling into unauthorized hands.

Earlier, we used to protect our phones by applying various pins and passwords on the lock screen. But with the advancement in technology, came the time of pattern-based unlocking systems. These patterns were more advanced than the pins and passwords as such patterns are pretty hard to guess. We all have spent a great deal& time in setting a tough pattern which is impossible to encrypt. We all could also use this technique to assign a pattern to unlock not only our smartphone but also various applications. This made us feel safe regarding the information stored on our smartphones, but then this was also not enough. A big & full proof revolution was still required in the world of security and privacy.

Then came the time of Fingerprint sensors, this advanced technology was introduced by the big guns of the digital market. These smartphones were priced much higher so it was not possible for everyone to buy them and use the advanced fingerprint sensors to secure the information on our devices. This big lag in the market was sensed by many brands which are known for making budget smartphones. These brands are quite accurate in catering to the needs of their customers belonging to the low budget segment. Who want their smartphone to be loaded with all the latest features and with specifications which ensure a fast performance. Brands such as Panasonic India Smartphones, Xiaomi India, Realme, Lenovo, Motorola started making smartphones that are loaded with the latest fingerprint sensor technology and also, fall under the low budget segment.

The idea of securing your smartphone with your own fingerprint is itself pretty convincing. So everyone enjoyed this innovation which ensured that only they can open their smartphone and no one else can unlock your phone without your fingerprint. You could even assign different fingers for different applications. Many budget smartphones such as Eluga Ray 700, Realme2, Redmi Note 5 come with a fingerprint sensor and are also not very expensive as compared to other smartphones which provide this technology.

In this era, where technology is moving at the speed of light, it becomes obvious for a smartphone brand to explore the untapped resources and use them to bring a wave of innovation. This is where we got to know about the Face unlock feature which was hitting the smartphone market. This feature, as the name suggests, allows you to unlock your phone with just a glance. But again, this concept was introduced by brands that are known for making smartphones, that are a bit overpriced hence, not affordable for everyone. The aforementioned budget smartphone brands were here to solve this problem as well. In this vast market, brands such as Panasonic India smartphones, Realme, Oppo are making budget smartphones full of all the latest features in the industry and are secured by the latest Face Unlocking feature tagged along with a fingerprint sensor as well. The idea of unlocking your phone with just a glance is itself pretty satisfying and interesting. Our own face is the password and no one else has the power to unlock our smartphone. There are many smartphones in the industry which are packed with more advanced Face Unlock features, assisted with the latest AI technology. The AI sensor with Infrared detects your face even if you are wearing a mask or a sunglass. Technology has been evolving and we are sure, that in the field of security and privacy, more advancements are on the way. Till then, the face unlock and fingerprint sensors are the anchors in these fields to keep all your data safe and secured.

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