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Reverse WHOIS API Search – All Names Hosted on a Single IP

Can Reverse WHOIS API Search Help Me Find Domain Name Information?

I need to find all of the domain names owned by a business. How do I find in-depth domain name information? Can the reverse WHOIS API search help me find domain name information?

Domain Name Ownership

When domain names were invented, there were many individuals who scooped up numerous websites for speculative purposes. If you own a startup, you might discover that someone else owns the perfect website for your business. You might want to purchase the website to optimize your eCommerce potential.

If you are simply contemplating an online purchase, you also might want to learn more about the website on an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Verifying information published on a website might also lead you to conducting an in-depth WHOIS search. Learn how to find extensive information about a domain name owner and IP address.

eCommerce Purchase

Do you really trust a website with your credit card information? Online stores need to create a sense of credibility and legitimacy before consumers will purchase their merchandise. While the lower prices found online are attractive, consumers need to prove that a website is real.

Word of mouth referrals are powerful because most consumers want to know that someone else completed a purchase, received the merchandise and were not victims of identity theft. This makes them feel more certain of the website’s legitimacy.

Furthermore, most people will feel more comfortable about a website after viewing the WHOIS registry domain name ownership information. This is one of the reasons why celebrity sponsorship is so valuable; you trust celebrities, so you trust the products, they sponsor.

Fact Checking

Every day, there are numerous rumors, facts and stories published on the World Wide Web. Which of these are legitimate and which are simply hot-air propaganda? At times, you can understand a website’s motive if you know who the domain owner is.

While a WHOIS search will list the domain name ownership information, you might want to dig deeper. That is where a reverse WHOIS API search can help. A third-party reverse WHOIS API lookup uses the individual, organization, or business name or e-mail address to discover all of the domain names located on an IP address.

Domain Name Transfer

Sometimes, you might have a trademark dispute when someone is using your company name for its domain name. You might want to consider legal action or offer to purchase the domain name. You might need to learn more about a domain name or owner for business purposes.

A domain name transfer is only legal when the previous owner has authorized the transaction by sending an e-mail address. With a reverse WHOIS registry search, you will receive a comprehensive report listing domain names linked to a server. You can find answers with a reverse WHOIS query.


Knowledge is power. Find answers to important questions with a reverse WHOIS search. You can hire a third-party service to help you find the website information, you need.

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