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Reasons to Invest In Avaya IP Office Telephone System

Communication system makes an integral part of any business. It is through this means that a business can transmit important information across various established telecommunication channels.

Avaya IP telephone systems are a popular name in the communication industry. Their remarkable performance and comfort has done a great job in the past several years to keep the business in good state.

Learning about the services offered by this system would help you in the process of choosing the best office telephone solution for your business.

Flexibility and Scalable

Conventional telephone systems were made to have a fixed design. This means that it was not possible to extend its features and capacity beyond a specified limit.

Also, you have to pay for the features that you do not require for your business. This leads to a waste of money.  Both these issues are resolved by Avaya PABX system. Avaya IP Office telephone system offers flexibility.

This means that you can choose the feature that you require in your telephone system as per the need of the company. Also, as these systems are scalable, you can add any number of features, lines, handsets and a maximum of 1000 users with one control unit.

License activation happens automatically without needing to invest in additional hardware. These two features are most valuable to be considered in a telephone system mainly for an expanding business.


As this telephone system is flexible and scalable, you need to pay only for the features that you require for your business. Also, scalability of the system saves you from any extra investment on expensive hardware. Avaya IP enabled phone systems provide you advanced benefits and features at the price of standard package.

When comparing these features in other telephone system, you would notice a huge change in price. This makes it especially beneficial for smaller businesses that are deprived to access these useful functionalities due to high price.

Another interesting feature is that the Avaya telephone software is available for purchase as per the user. This reduces the cost of the system and proves to be a cost-effective option for businesses of varying sizes to access its advanced features affordably.

User friendly

As the communication software is going to be used by non-technical employees too, its user-friendliness holds a lot of importance. Vector Dubai offers IP phone systems that provide a very simple installation, configuration and usage. This saves a considerable time to train employees to use the new telephone system.

Employees are found to be immensely happy and confident in operating it. The clear, reliable and intuitive interface of the system administration tool allows easy access to customers to make changes in the directory as and when required.

Avaya IP office system meets all those key features that a business requires for smooth and effective communication. Being fully scalable, cost-effective and efficient, these phone systems not just enhance the productivity, but also professionally manage all the different aspects of business communication successfully.

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