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Top Reasons Why You Should Switch From Analog Cameras to IP Cameras Right Away!

No matter where you go, you will definitely find Video Surveillance system almost everywhere. From massive organizations to home, Samsung CCTV camera ensures great security in all the places. While the basic needs of security can be accomplished by the legacy analog cameras, there are some most important reasons why switching to IP based camera systems can benefit your organization to its best.

Although IP camera system may sound a bit expensive at first, but it can benefit you greatly in the long run. The following are the top reasons and benefits of IP camera system and why it is now the perfect time for you to install it!

Portability and Scalability

With the analog camera, scalability is not easy. In case all the DVR ports are occupied, you require other port to get more cameras. You can either replace the existing DVR with more ports or go for a separated system with another port.

On the other hand, you just need plugging to switch to see picture on IP camera. When it comes to relocation, CCTV camera will likely require moving coaxial cable while IP camera will just need the attachment of UTP cable.

Ease of installation

Well, many people think that installation based on Network Attached Storage is more complex than DVR based. However, some of the awesome features have been introduced including universal plug-and-play that makes NVR installation very simple and fast. Ease of installation is in fact the top reason why you should opt for IP cameras!


IP video surveillance systems are faster and more reliable than the DVR counterparts. Each and every bit of IP camera Dubai is more durable these days just like the old systems using analog cameras and DVRs.

Moreover, IP based camera systems gives you the ability to easily access and view the video files from any location across the world. It can be easily done through remote clouds and mobile apps. It is the ultimate benefit of IP based video surveillance solution for storage.

Ever expanding Features

The video surveillance features are expanding continuously. They can be easily enabled via remote video apps, private cloud, as well as analytics to enhance the solution. IP cameras provide a large number of functions, from basic ones to advanced analytics to anything you can ever imagine. Plus, the low cost storage alternatives such as hosted video make the network video more affordable option than the analog solutions.

Improved image Quality

These days, you can get HD IP security cameras at affordable prices. They offer better resolution, highly detailed images, as well as expanded surveillance environments. After all, all things including video surveillance security files looks better in HD, isn’t it?

Apart from the above reasons, when it comes to troubleshooting too, the camera in CCTV is often broken due to power instability caused by electricity source. On the other hand, installing IP cameras will ensure better troubleshooting options.

With the ever expanding video surveillance technology, it is now high time for you to opt for IP camera installation. It will greatly optimize your business efficiency and increase your overall customer’s satisfaction.

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