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Key Reasons Why you should choose Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server is one whereby the business or organization has full control over the whole server; they get to choose the hardware, and operating system of they prefer most depending on their website features. Dedicated hosting services leases the dedicated server solely to an organization or digital marketing agencies without hosting other users on those servers. Since the hosting provider does the building and server maintenance saving the business on costs if they were to purchase their own. Also, administrator rights are enable allowing full usage of storage space, the bandwidth as well as web features associated with the host provider. A powerful Intel-Xenon processor provides top speeds (2.7 GHz), getting you 64GB RAM, and unlimited bandwidth.

Are you an Internet marketer or company who wants high control and power? There are companies out there currently offering dedicated servers in UK. These serves are essential in handling increasing amount of traffic as your website grows impressive. As a result, the site on a shared host will demand more resources leading to some limitations hence insufficiency of host resources.

Here are the many advantages you will accrue once on a dedicated server hosting plan.

  • Gaining Administrative roles hence full control

In the case of a shared host, only the host provider has administrative access. For the dedicated server, the hosting provider grant you root access which comes with rights to install custom applications and configurations. One can monitor the server performance enabling spot bugs before they affect websites uptime. In the event of bad scripts being present on another site, this won’t slow your server at all; neither on the bandwidth usage. Complete use of hosting resources leads to sufficient performance as the site’s traffic increases.

  • Getting a Unique IP address

The dedicated server comes hand in hand with your very own unique IP address. So the IP address isn’t shared. You no longer have to worry about potential incidences of IP address blacklisting. In the speed server, spam site may lead to a ranking downgrade of the nearby websites on search engines. For example, E-commerce handling credit card payment transfers will need an SSL to process this requests.

  • Security

Dedicated servers have unbeatable security settings. No one less has access to them except you! Meaning you don’t have to share space with a website having, malicious content that can corrupt data Do you need to secure sensitive transactions?  This server has ultra-security performance through handling these critical transactions over SSL or FTP. With SSL and FTP, cyber-attacks will be a myth for you!

  • Flexibility and Customisation

This is the server which allows for personalized server customization by the client – depending on user needs for the hard disk space, software and RAM. In case of growing industry need or market trends, you can degrade the software to match up to a task.

  • Get to save on maintenance costs

It comes a time when you require a dedicated server to handle more data, but there is less time or limited resources in setting up servers from scratch. The hosting provider will build and maintain the server on your behalf; You gets to save on overhead costs that would have been used to purchase server space thus good ROI!

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