How to Convert More Visitors into Customers

If you have an online business or a business that is only partially online, you need to make sure you are doing everything your power to get as many visitors as possible. For those who are running content on their sites, a lot of visitors will give you the opportunity to bring in advertisement money as well as your normal e-commerce. If you’re focused on e-commerce, you still need to bring in visitors.

Visitors to your website can become customers, but that depends on the quality of your website. Quality web design in Manchester can make all the difference.


When somebody visits your website, they’re not yet a customer; for the time being, they’re just a visitor. It’s when they buy something from you that they become a customer, a process known as conversion. Getting more visitors is key for creating more customers. The process of getting more visitors is multi-pronged.

You need great content that is spread out to different venues. You also need a search engine optimisation plan that is robust and effective. Once they’re on your website, however, your website design is most important. You need a website that is designed to excite as well as interest your potential clients and customers. The most important element of converting customers is friction.


In a business sense, friction is anything that gets in the way of making a sale. It’s every little thing a customer must do to pay you for your goods or services. Entering your debit card information at checkout is friction. Some types of friction, such as entering a debit card, are largely unavoidable. Other kinds are not.

For example, if your visitors have a hard time finding the shopping cart or checkout buttons, they just might decide not to buy from you because of such friction. If your website loads slowly or doesn’t always load properly, such a problem can create friction. A good design and management firm can reduce all of that friction to help you convert more visitors into customers.

Website Flow

The flow of your website is important as well. A website does need to gently nudge visitors towards becoming customers, but it can’t be forced. You can do this with simple design elements. When someone is scrolling down a page and they get to something engaging, they want to instantly be able to click on it for more information.

That is an example of the flow of your website. Furthermore, the flow of your website can be design-oriented.

You have most likely noticed that many websites nowadays have actually abandoned the strictly paginated scheme. They have opted for a continuous scrolling in which one page just flows right into the next. Depending on how much content you are planning to include on your website, a continuous scrolling site could be preferable.

Others prefer the simplicity of pages that you don’t even need to scroll. A visitor can quickly move through your website using this design. With the help of some design professionals, you can surely come up with the website that is right for you and your business.

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