Invisible Mobile Tracker – Perfect Solution for Protecting Kids

Cell phone monitoring software, though nowhere close to sound parenting, is a quintessential tool to protect your kids. Most children carry smartphone these days. Why not install a free Android spy on their smartphone to keep a track on their daily activities.

Invisible mobile trackers provide a second pair of eyes to parents- there are StealthGenie, MobileSpy, and and so on. These apps work discreetly on iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian, and BlackBerry mobile platforms.

How Can it Help?

An invisible mobile tracker has typical features that can benefit parents. These apps run on monitored smartphone and report necessary details and information to parents like:

  • Present and past GPS tracking
  • Full-text messages exchanged via SMS, email, and chatting apps like BBM, iMessage, and WhatsApp
  • Contact list updates – addition and deletion
  • Photos and videos log, including deleted picture files and videos
  • Incoming/outgoing/missed call records with information like date and time
  • Call recording
  • Calls interception
  • Internet access and browsing history
  • Blocked websites, app access, and incoming calls information

Helpful Features for Sound Parenting

Are you wondering how these features can help you? Well, it gives you up-to-date record of all calls, messages, and communication made using the smartphone in which free Android spy software is installed. With this app running on your child’s cell phone, you can get the truth of all activities such as:

  • You can track whether your kid has actually gone for tuitions or not. Use the GPS tracker to find out where he is.
  • You can find out how many new friends your kid made with the updated contact list.
  • You can also see the text messages, both incoming and outgoing, to analyze whether or not your child is in bad company.
  • You can keep a track of all the pictures and videos sent and received to ensure your child is not getting into anything inappropriate.

Take Proactive Precautionary Measures with Cell Phone Tracker

There is some versatile cell phone tracking apps that allow you to filter and block settings/commands from the control panel directly. It is a proactive measure to prevent your child from any evil company. Here is how you can use it:

  • Detect pre-defined keywords in messages
  • Flag incoming calls matching a contact in the blocked list
  • Send alerts when your child’s phone enters restricted zone
  • Restrict smartphone use to a few hours during the day
  • Block all useless apps
  • Prevent access to all inappropriate websites

In today’s hi-tech era, it is very important to be a proactive parent to prevent your child from technology misuse. If you wish to practical and track every movement of your child, use a cell phone tracking software like hoverwatch.

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