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How to Choose the Right Bulk SMS Marketing Service?

SMS marketing is one of the most important components of digital marketing. When you buy something from a store or you buy something online, you register with your mobile number. The companies use this number to send you promotional SMS and to notify you when there is a sale or an offer. This is what SMS marketing in a nutshell is. On a higher level, if you have an e-commerce service, you would need to send transactional SMS and OTPs which is also provided by SMS service provider. However, in this article we’re looking at promotional SMSs that form an SMS campaign.

SMS marketing is not very costly but you need to make sure that whatever you’re paying for is of use. Even though many people are stuck to their smartphone screens today, not a lot of attention is given to the SMSs. This makes SMS marketing more challenging. Rate of delivery, speed of delivery, uptime, scalability, compliance, security, support, and flexibility in terms of customization are a few factors that will influence the results of your SMS marketing. These are the things that you need to make sure is provided by your SMS service providers. Let’s look at a few important things that you need to consider while hiring a bulk SMS service provider:

Clear pricing without hidden charges

The pricing for the campaign should be explained to you in a very clear way. If there’s a contract that involves a lot of investment you need to make sure that everything about the expenses are written in a clear manner and the service provider cannot add any new clauses later on.

Data security

The data of your customers is of utmost value for you and you cannot afford to lose or leak any of these data. If your SMS service provider is not handling your marketing campaign and the data involved with care, there are chances that your reputation will get tarnished.

Campaigns that customers will love

People usually tend to ignore SMSs that look like a forwarded one. Some of the top sms service provider in Malaysia have services that will let you customize your SMSs to larger extents so that people will feel connected to them. The content of the SMS needs to be fine-tuned from time to time so that your target audience won’t feel that things are just repeated.

Best delivery without any space for mistakes

If your SMS delivery is messed up, important information may not reach them. In case of transactions and order placements, SMS can mess up the whole system. The company that you hire must be very efficient in managing the delivery of the bulk SMS orders.

Well-structured delivery reports

The delivery reports you get from the SMS marketing service providers will influence your further strategies and actions. There are some service providers who will try to make fake reports in order to get their work done easily. This will impact your business and marketing plan very badly and it is exactly why you need to approach a company that you can trust.

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