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Why a Professional Telephone Answering Service is a Must Have for Any Small Business

In all types of business, it’s a matter of first impressions, which will inevitably count the most. And that’s exactly where a great telephone answering service can make it so much easier for customers to contact a business. This may ultimately mean the difference between getting new clients and losing them to your competitors.

  • This will also let you focus on other areas of your business and ensure that no potential customers get neglected

Here are a few good reasons why small businesses should definitely think about making good use of a professional and trustworthy telephone answering service like Message Direct, who will make everything work that much smoother.

Say Goodbye to Missing that Sales Call Again

Sales are the life force for all types of business, especially yours! Why waste your hard earned money on all kinds of marketing or other features of your business, whilst you’re not making yourself accessible to customers?

  • And, although much business and sales are done online today, there are still a lot of good people out there who like using the old fashioned telephone!
  • A number of clients still prefer speaking to a real person
  • And if you got only the one sale a month through using a quality telephone answering service, it then means that just that one job will then pay for itself

Savings on Not Needing a Receptionist

As you already know, the hiring of a receptionist can be a somewhat expensive endeavour for smaller businesses. And maybe at the moment you still don’t have enough incoming calls to really pay for someone to manage them full-time.

And, if the case is that one of your current staff takes the calls, it will take their attention away from other tasks, therefore costing you money.

  • By making use of a telephone answering service, not only will you not have to pay out a salary, but you will also save on other costs which are associated with having someone in the office
  • Apart from this, many small business companies work remotely, and a telephone answering service is the ideal method of organising and administering a remote team

Everything is seen To, Even When Your Business is closed

Things such as call answering, message taking and order placement are all easily seen to when the office is empty.

  • Unlike an office receptionist, the answering service is there working for you 24/7. Now that’s serious peace of mind
  • This means that even outside of your usual office hours, your company has someone at hand and ready on the phones, to manage all enquiries and grant superb customer service

Going Forward

During normal office hours, it can be difficult to deal with the number of inbound calls and be very time-consuming and distracting. Why employ staff to improve your business, when they are on the phones all day answering enquiries?

You need to be going forward- check out a virtual receptionist sooner than later!

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