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In the times, when everyone has a smart phone and cannot wait enough before sharing every little moment with others, still some of you might wish to draw a line between private and professional lives. This means that even though you take snaps of everyone, you might wish to share only a selected few and the others you would not even wish anyone to see. So, it is recommended that whether you have Android based phones or iPhones, you would rather go for installing apps to hide the data in it. Let us discuss top 5 of these apps that you shall use for Android or iPhone for protecting your personal data.

1. Leo Privacy Guard Lock & Boost: This app is a product from LEO Network Technology Co., Limited, and works great on both Android phones and iPhones and helps in securing all the apps with just one click. You shall choose between Dot Lock, touch ID or with password. It has a QR Code reader, Private Camera, and a Private Album where you can store away all your images. Your personal messages and information like your card details can be stored in the Safe box. Now you can say good-bye to those snoopy eyes once and for all.

2. iSwipe: Clubbed with a Speed up function to increase the RAM speed and the functioning of the phone, the app is perfect for managing apps on Android phones. With just one swipe, you shall now be able to sort the most frequently used apps and remove the unwanted ones.

3. Secret Folder Version 2.0.0: This is a baby from the Apple Store that has successfully saved plenty of users’ data in iPhone. The app is just 52.6MB in size, can save all the photos and videos with one password, and only you shall be able to enter them. It is compatible with iPhone6, iPad, iPodtouch and works with iOS 8. Over 4 million users are already using this for their iPhone products.

4. CoverMe: This handy app has been found useful by all iPhone users who wish to save their messages, photos and videos from all eyes, except their own. CoverMe has the feature enabling you to make calls or text messages in a secure environment. This is a free app and with a password, you shall be able to save your contacts and the photos and messages anytime.

5. Vault: The Android phone users would swear by this app that surely protects all kinds of messages, photos, videos and even your Facebook messages and call logs. There are two versions available. The free version shall only be able to hide all the messages and call logs. But the paid version would give you the added feature of saving your messages on cloud, unlimited message storage capacity and of course, offer you the stealth mode too.

Thankfully, every day there is a new app in the market that would do better and you need not put lock or key in it to keep the data safe. You have apps to hide messages, photos, videos, and even your visibility status online.

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