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Knowing The Best Weather App: WeatherBug App For Daily Weather Forecasts!

Hello Folks! The Internet has made our lives a simpler one. We can get access to all the information we need within a few seconds using hundreds of applications. Today’s article is about one such amazing application available for your use.

Without beating around the bush let me tell you the name of application: WeatherBug App.

As it goes by the name, the application serves the purpose of weather reporting. Apart from this, there are various other informative and useful features on the website as well as the application which you do not want to miss.

Weather Details

This is the most basic feature of the application. It displays live details of humidity, wind chill, dew point, pressure, daily rain, monthly rain and so on. You can get all these details for not only your current location but for any part of the globe. It is updated in real time from reliable scientific sources.

Now you might be wondering what good are weather apps if it doesn’t display all the features that are listed above. Right! So there must be something which makes this one stand apart from the other applications on the play store. Let’s take a look at those features!

The Lifestyle Section!

Trust me; you will love this section! It is a unique section filled with excitement as well as socially relevant information. Some of the high-end scientific information available here are the pollen forecast, flu updates, air quality forecasts, and other environmental conditions.

If you are a travel enthusiast, then the following features are best suited for you: travel guides to different places across the world, adventures near the place of your interest, and many more features.

Live Cameras from Across the World!

The application enables you to look at the ground reality of weather condition at any place of your interest through live cameras. They have an association with the Google maps. This allows you to see the weather condition through various layers.

News Coverage!

What kind of news do weather forecast daily apps cover? It consists of geography-related news like natural calamities, pollution levels, the various initiatives for the green earth and so on. Qualified personnel writes the articles.

Some of the news is also covered through videos. There are also blog posts by environmentalists to create greater awareness among the public regarding various concerns.

Should I Pay for It?

There are many apps out there which have in-app purchases without buying which the app becomes useless. But with WeatherBug you have this problem sorted. It is absolutely free to use. You can install it right away on your phone from with Google or Apple play store. The app is platform independent thus you can use it on your laptop too.

There are many other sections in the app, which you will fall in love with after you use it. Therefore, all you Android users go ahead and install it from the play store, and for all the iPhone users, please install it from the iOS app store!

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