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iPhone 7: 5 the most likely rumors about the next Apple smartphone

Scheduled for September 2016, the iPhone 7 should introduce many new features for the range of smartphones from Apple. Here is a selection of the 5 most relevant and interesting rumors!

1) The wireless charging

Already introduced with the Apple Watch, wireless charging could be available with the iPhone 7. It would recharge the smartphone easier and should improve the real autonomy of the iPhone. The feature could also be accompanied by a new range of specific induction docks signed Apple, but nothing is certain.

2) Sealing and drop resistance

Numerous patents from Apple suggest that the iPhone 7 will be sealed. It evokes indeed internal hydrophobic components that would completely immerse the smartphone without its components are affected. Other approaches could make unbreakable iPhone with a set of motion sensors and shock absorbing components such as gears retractable or pads.

3) Introduced enhanced 3D Touch

With iPhone 6s, 3D Touch could be improved to become “multi-touch”. Indeed, the technology could recognize several pressure points simultaneously, which would extend the possibility of functionality.

4) Touch ID on the screen

By extending surface fingerprint recognition to the entire screen, the iPhone 7 could shed its hardware Home button to provide a software solution. It could be larger, but thinner!

5) The abandonment of the port 3.5mm

Jack Abandoning her and replacing it by a lightning port, the iPhone could lose 1 mm thick. Apple could also offer a new range of audio listening equipment: headphones or earphones, signed by the manufacturer. Of course, it will wait to have the heart net. Indeed, the iPhone 7 should not be presented before the month of September 2016.

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