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Four exciting add-ons you have to watch for in FIFA 19

FIFA 19 had everyone hooked up to their respective consoles for hours after it was released earlier this year which brought fast and fun football that can be played on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, along with older consoles on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

What makes FIFA 19 amazing among its predecessors its ability to simulate almost a real-life football, which brought more meaningful strides courtesy of Electronic Arts’ generous offering to gamers around the world for having plenty of brand-new mechanics and also tons of refinements that are mostly heeding the requests of fans.

With the new features and add-ons in FIFA 19 and the fifa 20 telecharger, maybe it is time for you to learn some new tips and tricks that will give yourself an upper hand against your mates and your opponents.

Not to take this long, here are the best tips that will help you turn into a better player, regardless if you are playing online or in the Ultimate Team or you play against the best AI opponent in your Career Mode.

  1. Make use of Timed Finishing– One of FIFA 19’s notable new mechanics is the Timed Finishing, wherein you are able to score some subliminal goals and you can shoot as you would in compared to other FIFA games, however, if you tap the shoot button over and over again, just before you are even making contact, you can hit it with extra force and extra accuracy, making it easier for you to score a goal. In order to get the timing perfectly, all you need to do is to practice a lot. However, there are more important things than how you can is it and when you can do it or get more info here.
  2. Do not press the shoot button near the goal excessively– If the ball is loose and you are just a few yards away from the goal box, a lot of players’ natural instinct is to excessively mash the shoot button hoping that they can strike the ball in the goal, however, in FIFA 19, it is totally different. Knowing that the new feature, Timed Finishing, if you hit the shoot button repeatedly you will just slice your shot, instead of shooting it directly in the goal. All you need to do is press the shoot button once and the player you are handling will be very eager to make the attempt.
  3. More effective driven cross– For those who are on the wing side and there is a striker that is positioned alone in the box, you can double-tap the cross button to enable your player to low cross effectively. However, if you want to bend the ball a bit over the defender, or to fire it in another angle, the driven cross is your best way to do it.
  4. Make use of quick tactics– The new tactics system will enable players to come up with individual strategies for the five football mentalities in ultra-defensive to ultra-attacking which is very useful to turn the odds in your favor.

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