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Don’t worry about it being too hot or too cold anymore!

Is it always too cold, or too hot that you just can’t stand being in the house, you want to try so badly to eradicate the how the temperature is with your manual thermostat, but it isn’t possible. Well this isn’t going to be possible unless you have a smart device, that way your can set the temperature to exactly how you want it, with put it being too hot or too cold for you. Some of the best ones are the Ecobee, and the Nest, if considering on purchasing it is best to do a comparison of Ecobee and Nest, that way you should know exactly what you will be getting, and what is right for you. This way you can stop fidgeting about the temperature of the house.

The Nest

If you’re looking for a smart thermostat you should consider the Nest, the 3rd generation of this is an exceptional thermostat. It had many features, like being able to learn your temperature preferences. It can also learn if you are home or not, and control the temperatures that way. This unit also pays for itself, it is easy to use and install, it is also very attractive and you can get it in many designs to fit your home. However this thermostat does not work well on multistage systems, and there is no adjustable cycles or pressure temperatures.

The Ecobee

Another outstanding thermostat, this one is known to reduce your energy bill claiming that with its ability to adjust the temperature when you are not home with motion sensors. It is a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, so with the use of remote sensors it has the ability to improve the motion sensors. Another benefit of this is that it is easy to use, you’ll have to check the compatibility from the website, but other than that it is pretty simple to use. Furthermore it has intuitive to user interface. However it has had a bad reputation with the consumers, and complaints that it stopped working after a few months. But if you do get it and it works out, then it’s a good investment.

What to get?

 Still debating on what to get a proper comparison of Ecobee and Nest should be done. You will have to consider various factors one being the price. The nest being $215, and the Ecobee being $200. There is only a $15 difference, but it is important to choose one suited best for you. If you want to it connect to Wi-Fi, or geofencing and such it the nest may be for. Even though Ecobee has Wi-Fi connection it lacks in other areas, like the geofencing. So choose wisely.

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