AutoCAD 2014: What’s New?

Keeping to their annual commitment of releasing a new version of the most famous CAD designing software in the tech world, the Autodesk released AutoCAD 2014 otherwise known as “Keystone” on the 26th of March, 201 to as much fanfare that followed is last release. Why I may not yet have a full understanding on the technical prowess of the Keystone, is perhaps due to my rather short acquaintance with it. However, some new and glaring features still stand out and I shall be providing you with a brief review of Autodesk latest offering.

An Overview

The AutoCAD 2014 software is the 28th version of the Autodesk’s CAD franchise and it fuses together, a wide range of toolsets, available cloud functionality, geo-tagging, networking functions and the incorporation of different file formats to make working either individually or in a team easier for its users.

The New features of AutoCAD 2014

The Keystone is equipped with more features and tools to simplify drafting, sharing, storage and security features which include:

Command Line Enhancements: the new command line has been upgraded to provide users with a more smatter and intuitive access to using/customizing commands and system variables to simplify workstations and drafting processes. Some of the AutoCAD 2014 software enhancements in terms of command are: the Autocorrect feature which corrects typos/errors when users type in commands, Auto Complete to support searches by bringing up every command related to an imputed search world, Internet Search feature which allows users to surf the net for more information concerning a command, a context for command line for accessing different layers, hatch patterns etc.
Security Enhancements: The Binary security feature employed by Autodesk enhances the software security due to the following provided measures: The TRUSTED PATHS and TRUSTED DOMAINS helps the user filter all loaded, unauthorized and malicious file that maybe introduced into the workspace of the AutoCAD 2014 software.


Dynamic File Tabs: The Keystone introduces a feature that allows users to manually switch between workspaces through a tab format. This feature now allows users to work simultaneously on different models without the need to save a workspace, close it before been able to re-start another project or create a new work space. The dynamic file tab functions in similar ways to switching between tabs on your average web explorer.
Autodesk 360 and the Design Feed

The Autodesk which was first introduced in AutoCAD 2013 makes a stronger return in the Keystone. It is equipped with all the previous cloud functions available in the previous Autodesk’s CAD software but enhanced with a design feed feature which allows users make name changes to saved files—re-name files—as well as attach further information which can be shared online amongst work associates. It obviously also comes with geo-locating features which allows users attach relevant locations to a picture or text message. AutoCAD 2014 software also allows you tag colleagues, friends, and other CAD engineers in ways reminiscent of tagging in Facebook.

The AutoCAD 2014 Geo-locating Features

The geo-locating features of the 2014 have also been enhanced with new AutoCAD live maps which allows for better geo-tagging. For a clearer explanation, this feature provides users with a realistic view on how a design fits into a location when enabled on a work space. It also shows you the direction of sun rays at every particular time as well as marks/ specific sites to be viewed when designing a building.

Windows 8 Touch Enabled Designing

The AutoCAD 2014 software also comes with the provision for accessing viewing functions such as zooming, panning and others by simply manipulating the touch ribbon provided in the work space. This allows for more flexibility when showcasing a design.

This review should serve as a basic insight into the features and functionalities of the Keystone; therefore I implore you to watch this space for more news about the latest Autodesk CAD software. Comments are also most welcome.

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