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7 Tips to Improve the User Experience of your Mobile App

The success of your app depends on multiple factors, but the most essential one is the user experience (UX). A quality UX becomes a deciding aspect between a successful and an unsuccessful app.

Without the complete understanding of users’ behavior, you won’t be able to design a successful product. Collecting users data and developing their personas is just the starting of the long UX journey. All mobile users now want a lot more from apps to keep them interested after the initial download. Therefore, I am going to tell you different app design trends to keep your users happy throughout the lifecycle of your app.

  1. Simple Interface

People use mobile phones in busy environments and it drives down their concentration and patience. Numerous users also get irritated by the complicated mobile apps and ultimately they just uninstall them. Therefore, a simplified mobile app is necessary to increase the number of users. All the processes from product discovery to payment should be smooth.


  • Use effortless navigation.
  • Make your app user-friendly.
  • List all your services or products properly.
  • Implement simple designs.
  1. Offer Assistance within your App

When customers enter any store, they always find sales people over there to greet them. Also, help them if they need any assistance. So, don’t you think it can be a unique selling point of your app? By providing assistance option inside your app, you not only can assist your existing customers but also attract other users to install your app.



  • Offer chat assistance in your mobile apps using which users can have a live chat with your support team.
  • Make sure, your support team responds within seconds.
  • Don’t hide chat option and make it hard to find.
  1. Reduce Search Effort

Help your users to find what they want quickly to drive conversion rate and fulfill their requirements. Giving users search options and filters to guide them straightly will undoubtedly increase the conversion rate. With this method, you can help users to get instantly what they are looking for without wasting their time. Numerous popular apps are already using this technique to compete in the online market.


  • Integrate advanced search strategies into your app, like barcode scanning and keyword search.
  • Make sure, the search result doesn’t filter down to 0 outcomes.
  1. Make Your App Eye-Catchy

Showing too much content in your app is a big turnoff. Contrary to text, use as many images as you can. Make it interactive to grab the attention of users.


  • Follow a ‘Learn by doing’ strategy for your mobile apps.
  • Create a user-interactive app experience with less text and appealing images.
  1. Don’t Make Login and Registration Mandatory

Just like any other user, I quite often gets irritated with constant popups for registration. As per the statistics, nearly 56% of users drop-off only because of the registration compulsion. Of course, signups are essential for your business and you also require to get visitors information. However, you should optimize the way customers do signups. Your aim should be getting their information as seamlessly as possible.


  • You can experiment with multiple login options, such as login via social media, phone numbers, emails, etc. By opting for this strategy, you can find what customers are opting for.
  • Experiment with timing i.e. find out the best time to ask the customers for registration or login.
  1. Keep an Eye on Page Loading Time

Quick loading pages will always be going to give you an upper hand over others. It should be less than 10 seconds. If not, the users will leave it or maybe uninstall your mobile app.


  • Go for a lightweight design. It not only gives you a simple style, but also a structured framework.
  • Develop a concise interface to provide a user-friendly experience.
  1. Error-Free Functionality

Many app developers don’t spend the required time improving the functionality of their apps and end up with faulty products. As per a survey, approx. 90% of users stop accessing an app because of its bad performance. Whereas, 86% deleted at least one app due to its flawed functionality. The app must help the users to complete the task they want to accomplish.


  • Prioritizing core features during the roadmap phase of development will help you to focus on the important features.
  • Offer needful mobile-only functionalities. It will encourage customers to download your app.

In a Nutshell

Mobile Apps have now become a major part of our lives and help us with our daily routines. While creating a mobile app, you need to focus on different factors as mentioned. Always think about how users will interact with multiple functions in your app. Designing an impeccable, simple, and attractive app should be your major point of concern. Moreover, optimization is an ongoing procedure and you will see the value of your improvements. Hope these tips will assist you in your aim.

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