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Why Industrial Robotic Arms Are Trending

Many companies and industries are implementing industrial robotic arms in their day-to-day activities. The industrial robotic arm is gaining popularity because of its safety, low costs and the ability to replicate themselves. Unlike many other robotic arms that cannot move around, Universal Robots have specialized industrial robotic arms that operate alongside the human workforce to assist them in with different tasks without posing any dangers at all.

Universal Robots currently dominates the collaborative robots sector and ships out thousands of industrial robotic arms to many industries all around the year.

Case study

·        Bajaj Company

Bajaj auto limited is one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in the world. The need to produce some of the best motorcycles in the world, led the company into acquiring industrial robotic arms from Universal Robots. It was also the first company in India to acquire such cobots that boosted their production line. Bajaj, which has two wheeler assembly lines, uses human labour force for most of its p-production work. The kind of work that goes into making the products is intensive and taxing both physically and in movements around the plant.

Considering that the majority of the workforce was women, the company had to come up with ideas of keeping up with the requirements that go into having women in the workforce. These are things like maternity leaves, families, sick off, leaves and others. There was also need to keep up with the emerging new trends of automated vehicles in the market and the workforce deployed could not do much to keep up.

Universal Robots therefore came to the rescue with their industrial robotic arms. The robotic arms which are compact, flexible, accurate, cost effective, safe and light, offered standardization and better handling and production of the company’s assembly line.

Other benefits that the industrial robotic arm came with were the reduction of power maintenance in the company. There was also a drastic cut on overheads like wages because deployment of extra staff went down. The company realized better growth, better living standards for the workers, more safety in the work place because the robotic arms could now handle the more dangerous activities, the heavy lifting, and the IP retention in the company.

Types of Universal Robots industrial robotic arms

Universal Robots today has several types of industrial robotic arms. One of the best known is the UR3 that can easily build copies of itself. It is very light and small which is a big advantage to many industries is because it does not occupy a large space. In the same family are other robotic arms UR5 and UR10 that are slightly bigger than the UR3. The last two are however not as light as the UR3.

UR3 can perform many tasks and can work closely with human staff. Some of the activities that this industrial robotic arm can perform are soldering, painting, screwing, picking-and-placing and packing. It is easy to manipulate as all that one needs is a touch screen to monitor it around and position it to wherever you need it.

Unlike the earlier robotic arms, the UR3 is best for light tasks. The arm is not only good in the automotive industry but in all other industries that carry out light activities all over the world.

Other places where industrial robotic arms are useful

The fiber laser cutting industries now use industrial robotic arms to curve different sizes and shapes of items for their clients. The arms are precise, accurate, flexible and save time on the manufacturing the products. They also cut down on costs.

In the lifestyle industry, industrial robotic arms are slowly becoming the norm. Many five star restaurants now use the arms to aid them in the kitchen to come up with the most amazing recipes. What is even better is you can have your own robotic arm at your homes to help with minor jobs here and there.

Construction work is even more interesting and safer with the use of Universal Robots industrial robotic arms. These and many more make the Universal Robots industrial robotic arms stand out.

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