What You Should Know About Fifa 19 Mobile Version

The game of football is a game that originated in Brazil. But today as you can see its more than just a national Brazilian game, but a game celebrated by all countries of the world. It’s one of the biggest if not the top one already. When there’s a match on a favorite team, even if it’s not a holiday, its gonna feel like it. The pubs are filled and the streets are empty. Zero traffic and life as you know it stops.

Whenever a team scores a goal it’s like a million spartan’s roar. If the team wins, its like a festivity and when the team loses, its a riot. You might seem to think that it’s crazy but it’s not. Because unlike any sport, football is not just a game, its not just money or investment. People have already invested their faith and their heart to it that suffering defeat is like a stab in the heart, its like losing someone and a win is like winning a billion quid in lottery.

The Fifa franchise: One of the most popular football tournaments there is Fifa. It’s also the name of the longest standing gaming franchise in football. The franchise is more than a  decade old and if everyone in the world is crazy about football, then it comes as no surprise why the game is pretty successful. Think about it, when you play these video games, you get to play for your favorite team and be your favorite football hero.

Why people play it? It’s not a question as to why people play it. It’s already a given that if you love football, you would want to be associated with anything like it. You would buy the jersey’s memorabilia, you would do sports play foosball, play soccer, play video games and so on. That’s why if you have a complete Fifa video game, that’s not weird and it won’t surprise the most diehard football fan.

The mobile version: If you love anything football especially the video games, then surely, you will love to play the fifa 19 mobile version of it. The mobile version provides convenience to the already successful game and many people loved it. Why? Because they can now play a solid fifa 19 apk game in their mobile device. Sure, its a smaller screen, but does that even bother people nowadays? So what if its just a 6 inch mobile screen versions versus a 15 inch laptop? There are many mobile games that are successful nowadays and they are played in the smaller screen. Fifa 19 on phone will do well in the mobile version and its about time that it should be played in the mobile platform.

Downloading the game: You should know that downloadingh the mobile fifa 19 is actually pretty easy than playing it. There’s a way to play the game for free and the download is pretty easy. Its just like downloading any mobile app. The Best part about it is that its available in IOS and android stores.

  • 1st – Download the app
  • 2nd – launch the game
  • 3rd – Install the mobile fifa 19 game
  • 4th – Complete the verification process
  • 5th – Open the game and start

If your concern is compatibility, you shouldn’t, because almost all people in the word upgrades their mobile devices in less than three years. And even of your phone is launched three years ago, it still has some pretty solid specs that can launch Fifa 19 without a problem.

It comes as no surprise why many people love playing Fifa 19, not just because it has some pretty good graphics and not to mention updated player line up, but because its now also available in mobile. With it being in the mobile platform, there’s really no reason why you can no longer enjoy playing Fifa 19. If you wish to know more, you can visit https://getfifa19.mobi.

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