What Are The Things That Keylogger Software Tracks And Records?

The use of keylogger software is increasing rapidly in today’s world, because it is not only effective in recording and intercepting the online activities, it also helps in keeping online attacks at bay by a great margin. For parents, it is highly necessary to keep the keylogger software installed as the online world is filled with online predators, who are always hunting for easy targets.

And, children and teenagers are the easiest targets for these experienced hackers and online predators with illicit intentions. Not only the safety of the children is at risk, you can easily lose personal photos, videos and confidential information as well online. The keylogger software will help you stay informed about what your kids are doing online.

It would also act as a virtual guardian for your children while they use the internet. Any time they search for or come across any ‘stop’ words that you have fed as alert and not suitable for your kids, the software will immediately inform you.

It is one of the best ways to stay in the loop of your children’s online activities, while not invading their privacy and space directly. As the keylogger software runs in the background and in a very secretive manner, your kids would never know there is anything that is keeping a log of all their online activities. Here are the few things that the keylogger software records –

The keylogger software basically intercepts and records each and every keystroke on the keyboard. And, therefore, there is nothing that goes unnoticed.

The software records the password of the social media and networking sites. This can help the parents to log in and find out who their kids are mixing with, and if they are getting along with someone suspicious or a stranger. It can also help the parents to see if they have shared any photos, videos or personal information online, beyond what can be deemed as required.

The keylogger software can record voice and Skype conversations online. This helps the parents to get a clear idea if anything is going wrong.
The keylogger software also records the log on and log off event. It would help the parent to know how long the kids have been using the internet, and what they were doing for so long.

The software also takes screen shots from time to time, as it is set up by the parents, so that the users get a good idea of what their kids are up to in a clear and precise manner.
The software also has the ability to record the chat messages and history. It is the best way to check if there is anything that can be a matter of concern.

The keylogger software also keeps a record of all the visited websites, so that the parents know where the kids have been spending more time while surfing online.

The keylogger softwares are programmable and can be customized as per the users’ preferences easily. They are easy to set up and install. And, it is for sure that it would prove to be highly useful in safeguarding your children from cyber attacks.

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