Buying new refrigerator means considering basics like kitchen space, doorway size, capacity, and food habits. After you determine the size and type, it is hard to identify what else to look for. Purchase price of the models differ, because of integrated advanced features.

Small details in fridge design makes a difference. Smart cooling system and intelligent modes make sure food always remains fresh, auto defrost makes life easy as well as reversible doors offer flexibility.

Understand latest refrigerator features in detail

Door locks & alarms

If you have kids then LG fridge with alarm system is a cool option. The alarm sets off, when door is left open for some time. It indicates either the kid has found his way inside the refrigerator or you did not close it properly. Door locks means you don’t need to be concerned about the young ones spilling drinks inside or eating puddings stored without permission.

Auto defrost

Condensation is naturally a part in cooling process, but this can convert into ice on the back wall of any fridge. This in turn hampers the operating efficiency of the fridge.

Auto defrost eliminates this issue. Frost gets melted, before it gets drained to the back. Otherwise, you will need to defrost the appliance manually. So, this feature saves effort and time. All the models don’t have this feature, so check before choosing.

Cooling systems

Static cooling system used traditionally utilized convection concept. Warm air rises up and cool air sinks to the bottom.

Dynamic cooling systems utilized currently use fan to boost better ventilation. Each section of the refrigerator maintains same temperature, and thus food items stay fresh for long. It is available in high end models.

Controls & display panels

Manual controls/dials need to be twisted for setting temperature but digital thermostat offers more precision. You can see the modes in operation.

Helpful modes

Holiday mode helps to run appliance on minimal electricity, as you will not open the door and warm air will not be let in.

Quick cool is handy. Items get chilled rapidly without damaging nutrients and flavors.


Conventional light bulbs used traditionally got hot, so the interior cool temperature was hard to maintain. Later, halogen lights got introduced, which made fridge interiors brighter and tiny items screened in the back are easy to find. These bulbs consume less energy and have long life [2,000 hours].

Latest introduction in high end models was the use of LED lighting. LEDs instantly get bright, are cool to touch, and so interiors are kept cool. Lifespan of LED lighting is more than halogen — 50,000 hours.

Adjustable design features

  • Clever design features aid to incorporate the new fridge in its space with ease.
  • Reversible door means there is no need to be concerned about knocking door to adjoining cabinets or things.
  • Adjustable feet means there is no worries about uneven floors.
  • With concealed evaporator you can save space for more food storage.
  • Spill-proof shelves are ideal for fridge that holds plenty of juice and milk.
  • Sliding shelves help to hold tall bottles properly and gain easy access to the items placed further.
  • Full extension drawers offer perfect storage for food trays, especially ideal if you hold lots of parties.
  • Transparent drawers makes locating items easy and save time. Climate control drawers allows to adjust temperature and humidity.
  • Water dispenser in front for on demand chilled drinks.

Features sets a refrigerator purchased on budget apart from top range models.