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Two Most Common Types Of Pressure Sensors Used

Pressure measurements are taken as a range of dissimilar values. It can be relative to atmosphere or vacuum or any other measuring conditions and factors. For this, special gadgets called pressure sensors are used. These instruments are specially designed and engineered. The configuration enables you to detect pressure across the different variables. There are different types of pressure sensors used. An absolute pressure sensor is designed to measure pressure with relation to a vacuum. There is a reference vacuum walledinside the sensor itself to measure the atmospheric pressure. These sensors are used to measure the pressure in different valves and pipelines in large industries as well.

Aneroid Barometer Sensors

This is the most common type of pressure sensors used. An aneroid barometer is composed of a hollow metal casing and has flexible surfaces on the top and bottom. The metal casing changes shape due to atmospheric pressure changes. The mechanical levers augmentthe deformation and provide more accurate and noticeable results. If the sensor has a bellow design then the level of deformation can be heightenedas well. The mechanical levers are attached to a pointer dial. This interpretsthe pressurized deformation and indicates it properly scaled measurements on a barograph to record pressure changes over time.

The Manometer Sensors

A manometer sensor is a relatively simple structure with better design. The level of accuracy in measuring pressure is greater than the aneroid barometers. The manometer sensors measure pressure difference by recording its effect on a liquid column. The most common type of manometer sensor has a U-shaped model. Pressure is applied to one side of the tube that displaces the liquid. This causes a drop in the fluid level in one end of the tube and a simultaneous rise at the other. The difference in the height between the two ends indicates the pressure level.

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