Top 3 Software Glitches and the Importanceof Software Testing

The key objective of implementing the digitalization in business transformation is to deliver a great customer experience, and perform as expected by the end-users. When it comes to the software testing, the software glitches (Often called as bugs/defects), system breakdown and the data breaching incidents have turned out to be a major threat to the brand value and survival of the global enterprises. And as a result the organizations these days have been building a much more proactive kind of an outlook especially when it comes to the security of the enterprise applications followed by the critical data of the business. They are looking for best software testing companies to provide them better solutions  

According to the research study done by Gartner by the year 2020, 40 percent of the managed securities contracts will be bundled with the other services and the broader outsourcing services that is up to 20 percent today. Given below are the top 5 software glitches that even today serve as a reminder of how important software testing is for all us.

Glitch with the iPhones:

In the year 2017, in India location, the Apple iPhone suffered interruption at 12:15 a.m. IST. A bug infected the iPhone causing the third-party applications to send a irrelevant notification and rebooted the device without any command.  However, the performance testing by applying automation here helps to ensure that the software application gets the best outcome of the from the circumstances.

Cairns Hospital Software Crash Down:

It was in the year 2017, the cairns hospital that is located in Queensland suffered from an catastrophe, in short the incurring loss of all the patients data. This glitch then turned out to effect the five major Australian hospitals out there. And this is something that generally turned out to occur during the application of the software security patches that were generally designed to counter the unseen cyber-attacks. It then almost took two years for the hospital facilities to recover from such kind of a software disaster.

South Carolina lottery glitch:

The year 2017, gifted the best Christmas ever for the individuals who gambled at the south California. Thousands of winning lottery tickets that had been printed due to a computer glitch on Christmas Day, and summed up more than 19.6 million dollars in that year. The game was then shut down immediately but not for those 7 to 8 people who actually won huge amount due to this technical glitch. However, by executing performance and load testing, you can eliminate such glitches, and add more value to your business value and objective.

Software testing services plays a crucial role to make any software application run successfully. It helps the developers, and decision makers to assess, and determine the usability, functionality of their software products. Thus, meet their business value and marketing objective i.e to deliver great customer experience. By observing the aforementioned top three technical glitches in applications, it is quite evident that it is must to have testing process in place in order to launch bug-free software in a market.


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