The Latest Gmail Features Updates

Gmail is one of the most widely used email client today. In other words, it has become an integral part of the lives of hundreds of millions. It is a gateway for many to other services including their social accounts. Recently, Google has added a number of new features to Gmail.

While applications like Emailhelpr are helping Gmail users in different ways, Google itself is regularly adding new features to improve its overall product offering.

Let’s explore the most important new features in this list:

1. Smart Reply

Smart Reply is a new feature from Gmail that identifies emails which need a response. It presents you with 3 options for you to choose from. You could either choose one of the 3 offered options or you could choose one of them and edit to send a custom reply.

This new feature makes it easier and faster to send replies to emails.

2. Undo Sent Emails

There are some features that have been there in Gmail Labs for experimental purpose. One such feature, was to ‘undo’ send emails. It has been recently released by Google. It will allow you to stop an email from being delivered to the recipient.

Now you can use the ‘undo send’ feature if you have sent an email accidentally or if you don’t want the recipient to read it. But you can use this feature only if it is already enabled. It allows you to set the duration of 5-30 seconds within which you can undo sending.

How to Enable Undo Send?

Click on the gear on the top right corner

Choose Settings

Look for the ‘Undo Send’ feature within the General tab

Click on ‘Enable’

Choose the email cancellation period

Click “Save Changes”

3. New Google Contacts

Google has a new Contacts feature. click on the drop-down arrow on the top left corner. Here you can enter ‘Contacts’. The new ‘Contacts’ is better than before.

Some of the new features of Contacts include:

You can merge your duplicate contacts and have one reliable set.

It can automatically update your contact’s information like phone from their Google Plus profiles.

It also displays that last emails you exchanged with a person. This gives you an idea of where you left with them.

4. 2-Click Email Blocking

Now you can block an email address with just 2 clicks. How to do it?

Go to the top right corner of an email message

Click on the drop-down menu button

Click on ‘block’ (along with the sender’s name)

The sender will get blocked and any further messages from them will be moved to the spam folder.

If you want to unblock them, it can also be done easily from Settings. You could block people earlier but using a little longer method. You had to use the filter feature and create rules to move someone’s emails to the ‘trash’ or ‘spam’ folder.

Now you can do it directly with just 2 clicks.

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