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Technology in Daily Activities Getting Far The Limits

Technology is much advanced now day by day it is introducing new methods, however we are not familiar with many of them which are useful in daily life. These are some methods which are newly developed websites and programs by which the time you give to the your PCs now would be valuable

Use VidtoMp3:

This application will help you to transfer your YouTube videos to Mp3. What You have to do is just to shrink the link in a text box and then you need to wait for a few minutes and let it to be converted. Now at the end download it

Use F.Lux:

we all know one thing that if we want to spend a dreadful night with a good sleep then we have to avoid from blue light such as LCD we are not allowed to sit behind it.

By sing Flux it will automatically changes the power as well as the color of light on your PC when it determines the night has arrived

Use Rescue time:

It will determine your all progress with the computer that how much you spend your time on your PC. You can separately suggest and track your slf at certain program. It is helpful for the people who love to hack

Use Wise Stamp:

An essay way to make your emails like a professional and 100% readable by the people

Through whitespace, you can set a variation in your email. You can set a program of signature, whether to Set automatically of by yourself.

Use Microsoft OneNote:

First of all make sure you have Microsoft office in order to use OneNote. Because if you don’t have Microsoft it will just give a trail of a month

It offers to use all things such as Text you copy graphs which you take screen shots, Pictures and many others. Even you can make a separate account of it to save useful information such as sharing your tragedies you faced in life

Use Ever Note:

It is like one Note but it is free for all PCS don’t need to be upgraded. You can use it in smartphones just press the download button. It has a beautiful navigation and easy to use

Use Alex Toolbar:

A very quick program to know how much you web site is popular and also shows its ranking over the world wilde and its own country.But this program is not completey accurate

For a blogger want to search his blogs and web site want to know about its ranking if he not use Alexa then he has completely wasted his time

Use Fire Bug:

If you are a web designer than it’s a brilliant application for you.What it would do is it will separate the html and css in a small window. It can show complete css view how font size is set how mch width of any website

For a blogger want to search his blogs and web site want to know about its ranking if he not use Alexa then he has completely wasted his time.

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