Problems and Bugs we want to be fixed before actual Installing of windows 10

No doubt windows10 has shown a great update as compared to both windows 8 and windows 7. It will release on this July but still users have found problems using it so they hope Microsoft will focus on particular issues and will Sort out the issues before its releasing.

We want Tabs in File Explorer
One of the focus of users in on the File Explorer. The users want to have more tabs in file explorer so they can open multiple icons on the same time

But it looks like Microsoft isn’t in favour of this. But it has already adjusted these features without adding them

Set PC and Control Panel Manuals
Comparing with windows8 Microsoft has introduced new interface to Bound few key settings, it has provided a slicker interface which was not in windows8

But it doesn’t matter if Windows is not pressing up the interface of settings. There special feature is that they have linked he setting on start menu instead the of control panel.

Problems and Bugs we want to be fixed before actual Installing of windows 10:

In the same way the Computer interface should take an overall part to provide an instant method for partition of hard drive

Issue of movable Search and Task View Buttons
On task bar a new feature such as search and Task view had been assigned and that is suitable place to use. Actually, you can completely remove these features because some users are demanding to move at the same time

So we need a common improvement like another icon can move in a taskbar

Issue from Customisable Start Menu and better apps list
The start menu of windows10 contains an interface which is modified by own preference

The main links are not modified as they give most common apps, but you cannot edit them as compared to windows8.You can move the buttons such as if you wish to exchange the PC settings to Control panel in windows8, but you cannot hope to do it on windows10

In previous windows when you click on the All programs it will show the application list, but has buttons which is not easy to find out this makes the process slow

Issue of virtual desktop
Problems and Bugs we want to be fixed before actual Installing of windows 10:

Users are shouting loudly or there is a roar to improve and add the virtual machine, but they still don’t have to give any pleasure of it

The aim purpose of argument is the user can appoint their apps in different Desktops. The desktop doesn’t have the ability to modify their layout and icons. Mostly you are not able to change the layouts

Issue of Sign in
As it is a wish of Microsoft that all its users should use their all features after sign up for a 365 account when installing Windows10.But still few users are complaining and they want to locally sign in without using there Emails. Windows has given this opportunity, but still you will be grasped to make an account

Yes, Microsoft Have to make an account of basic login so that people don’t have burden to register through emails.a

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