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One billion contactless payment journeys made on London’s transport network

More than one billion pay-as-you-go journeys have been completed with contactless payment cards by passengers using the Transport for London (TfL) services. Currently, about two million journeys are being made on a daily basis through contactless payments, the new form of payment, according to TfL figures. Clearly, this marks a key milestone in the integration of contactless payment into the transport system.

London leads the way in terms of contactless payment for transport

TfL figures demonstrate that contactless payment is being fully integrated into the transport system in London. The latest figures reveal that about 40% of all pay-as-you-go journeys are made through contactless payment. Compared to 2016, this figure reflects a considerable increase of 15%. In its report, TfL also highlights that approximately 31 million contactless transactions were carried out through mobile phones in the last 12 months.

Sadiq Kha, the Mayor of London, has grabbed this opportunity to congratulate the capital for leading the way in terms of contactless payment around the world. “The money we make selling TfL’s innovation and expertise to other major global cities will allow us to put further money into improving London’s own transport network,” he added.

Contactless payment has transformed how people travel

The was first introduced on London’s bus services for the first time in December 2012, the contactless payment system was later broadened to the city’s rail and tube services in September 2014. The customer is charged on a “best value fare” based on his individual specific journey at the end of the day. As such, customers can travel in a more affordable manner when compared to buying a Travelcard.

The integration of contactless payment into the transport system is proving to be truly fruitful. Shashi Verma, Chief Technology Officer at TfL, shared that the way travelers pay in London has been totally altered. According to him, the contactless technology is henceforth making it simpler for people to travel around London, “whether it is for work, leisure or to visit friends and family.” Roger Crow, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Europe at Cubic Transportation Systems, added, on his side that the partnership with TfL has positioned London at “center stage among the world’s most technologically advanced payment systems”.

Expanding the contactless service to Elizabeth line and worldwide

The transport system in London has not reached its peak yet. The contactless service has been programmed to be extended to the Elizabeth line by December 2019. This expansion will see services running from Reading and Heathrow in the west to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east. Last year, with the goal of adapting the capital’s contactless ticketing system for use worldwide, TfL entered a £15m deal with Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS). This agreement is the very first contract for the sale of TfL’s expertise both locally and abroad. Since then, a number of discussions have been carried out with various cities around the world, such as Miami and Sydney, in view of introducing contactless ticketing technology to their transport networks in the future.  




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