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Know more about BNW ACOUSTICS SX-90

SX 90 is is a professional home theater system by BNW Acoustics. BNW has been producing allot of state of the art audio system. If you want quality then BNW is the one for you. It’s has proven it’s durability and performance over the years.

This audio system comes with blasting 2500 Watt total of system output. This power will help you bring what you are watching come to life. All those scenes will sound crisp as ever. Youll never wants to use other audio systems once you get the taste of the sound of BNW ACOUSTICS SX-90.

Additional information:

  • Front 200watts magnetic/video shield
  • Rear 200watts magnetic/video shield
  • Center 200watts magnetic/video shield
  • Subwoofer 1500watts magnetic/video shield

If you want standard when it comes to decoder receiver then SX 90 will blow you away with its 5.1 channel receiver. The center channel provides you anchor stage for dialog or music vocal. Left and right channels to provide main soundtrack information. Left and right surround channel are for side and front to rear motion effect. The subwoofer will provide the extremely low-frequency effects.

What adds to the spice of the SX 90 is the on-screen LCD backlight display. This is a flat panel that is using LED backlighting instead of the traditional cold cathode fluorescent.

SX 90 also comes with a built-in FM tuner with automatic 20 Station preset memory tuning.

FM section:

Tuning frequency range 87.5 = 108.0 MHz

Usable sensitivity 1.0 uV (11.2dBF)

SX 90 is already HDTV Compatible. Meaning that this device has an input that could take HDTV signal.

Also, this comes with a 3.5 MM Direct Input for MP3, MP4 Players. Which makes it easier for you to connect your music if you are from a distance.

SX 90 supports any A/V system with input-output terminals with its  state of the art digital interface receiver. Programmed to respond to MP3, MP4, CD, and DVD.

Additional information:

SX 90 will definitely give you a wonderful experience if you are into home theatre surround. This has whopping 6 piece HT speakers from BNW acoustics concept. SX 90 has front and surround that includes 2 ½ mid and tweeter. Meanwhile, the voice match center channel speaker has the same tweeter and added a dual mid for those clear dialogues. What makes this a beauty is that the mountable surround speakers would in any part of the room.

1200 watt sub. All 6 speakers work together to give you that wonderful experience with the movies you watch or even by just watching your regular show or listening to your music. The remote control sends all the commands to the interface. Also the remote control the audio from the tv desk to the speakers. The front and surround speakers come with brackets for mounting into walls. While the center speakers have an adjustable rear foot that allows you to position it into your tv just right.

Summary: BNW Acoustics SX 90 is a state of the home theater system. It delivers the expectation you are looking for a home theatre. This gives you the convenience that you need in navigating. The quality will surely make you feel that you are part of what you are watching.

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