Improve Your Social Media Marketing With Link Compressors

Any business today runs social media marketing. It’s a requirement to stay in business these days. Especially when the majority of your customers are online.

So when marketing on social media, you always need to optimize. You have to find weaknesses in your advertising strategy and fix them. And you’ve got to improve real conversions on every dollar you spend.

But many social media marketers face obstacles in creating alluring ads for consumers. And this is for 2 reasons…

The first involves rules of social media marketing.

The second involves visual appeal to consumers.

Below, we’ll discuss both. And we’ll discuss how link compressors can be used to solve both problems!

(1) The Rules of Social Media.

Look at platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Both force upon you character limits for posts. On Twitter, you have a character limit of 280 (implemented in 9/2017).

On Facebook, you’re limited to 20% text on advertising. And the rest has to be visual.

So you have to cut text as much as possible. You have to write less words (and find smaller synonyms) on twitter. And you’ve got to jam small amounts of text into FB ads.

But the problem comes when you try to add links into your social media posts. Links to important pages (landing pages, product checkouts) tend to have long links. And so they take up excess space.

This problem is easily solved with a web address shortener. You can drop the link size to almost nothing. And you can reserve your text limit to exciting copywriting.

(2) Improve Advertising Visuals.

Customers don’t like to see ugly links.

With a link compressor tool, you respect the visuals of your advertising. And you ensure that you do not ruin the graphics of your advertisement.

By keeping links short and consistent with ads, you also present a degree of professionalism. This is because presentation matters a lot in your branding image.

Web Address Shorteners Are Cost-Effective.

Links that take up too much space are bad for an important reason…

They make it difficult for you to talk about your business.

You don’t have too much text space to feature the pros of what you offer. And so you’re forced to create more advertising. And you’re forced to plan more posts for that (which costs money)…

With an unlimited URL shortener, you save more money. You create more beautiful ads. And you can maneuver around social media rules…

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