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How much does it cost to make an app

Answering to how much does it cost to make an app is subjective.

Let’s have a look at the minimum viable product cost for the top 10 apps, as well as some additional factors like the app’s method of development, complexity, and development environment (iOS or Android).

Since 2011, usage of the mobile app has more than doubled by smartphone users. The mobile apps have become more and more central to users’ experience, and companies/entrepreneurs are becoming more inclined to mold their ideas into an app.

The journey for an app starts with the business plan and model for generating revenue, a significant driving force for the cost required to build an app.

When creating your app, you are looking at your business plan and asking “what’s needed?”

It’s easier to build an app that’s merely for a fixed, upfront price. In-app purchases take longer to implement and are expensive. To have e-commerce experience; you can expect to pay more.

Mobile App Development Process
Below items show the typical process of mobile app development:

Wireframing – Wireframing is the foundation of how the app needs to be designed and function.
App Screen Design – Designing an app screen for both Android and iOS.
App Programming – Programming an app screen for both Android and iOS.
Application / Database Framework – Creating the database structure and setting up the application’s server-side framework (cloud/back-end).
Server-side Application Programming – Writing server-side code for executing the back-end.
APIs Development – Connecting the app screen to the server-side database.
Usability QA – Testing the app screens for bugs and fixation.
Multi-platforms, Multi-devices, OS versions, Resolutions QA – Testing the app on all different platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) and different OS versions of each platform.
Cloud Setup – Deploying the server-side application to the server/cloud.
Submit to App Stores – Deploying the app to the App Stores/Play Stores.

Let’s come down to the real question, How much does it cost to make an app:
All mobile apps are equal, and the inequality is not on the platform that it is developed for. The lowdown of iOS application development, as well as an Android one, is counted as the time required to complete particular app characteristics.
Identifying group’s based on the average time needs:

Basic app: Simple functionality that requires approximately 300-600 hours of development.

Medium complexity app: takes from 600 to 800 hours.

Complex, time-consuming app: Most cases exceeds 1200 hours of development.

A rough estimate of app development cost: The basic application will cost around $15,000; medium complexity apps will start from $20,000 to $50,000; the cost of complex apps usually goes beyond $50,000. Increase in the price of the app depends on the functionality you would like to include. It can be two times as expensive.

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