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How are Mobile Apps Changing the Healthcare Landscape?

As per the first quarter of 2018, there are more than 47,911 iOS healthcare apps in the app store, and these numbers are increasing with a 0.48% of margin. Ever wondered, what’s the reason behind this thriving market for healthcare apps? What are the benefits of mHealth apps? What is the future of healthcare mobile app development?

If not, get glued to your seat as this article is taking you into the healthcare mobile app world – giving you a glimpse of the benefits of mobile apps for patients and professionals.

mHealth App – What’s the Need?

The mobile apps are simplifying the conventional healthcare practices as well as adding values to services via different ways, for example:

Benefits of Healthcare mobile apps for Patients

  • Find a Doctor/Clinic: If you have ever faced the challenge of finding a doctor nearby you while traveling or relocating to a new place, you should download a mobile healthcare app today itself. These apps, using the location technology, are helping the patients to find the best doctor or hospital in the nearest location.
  • Book a Consultation: The mobile apps have not only put the queue at reception to an end but have also helped the patients to know about the doctor. The apps, like Practo, are making it easier for the patients to view the doctor’s profiles and book a consultation accordingly. Another advantage is that they can reschedule or cancel the consultation anytime with a single tap; there’s no need for calling at the reception area.
  • Real-time Communication: With mHealth applications, the patients can consult with the doctors, physicians in real-time via messaging, audio call or video call. Plus, they can record the consultation and view it again, whenever required.
  • Effective Services: The healthcare mobile applications are also availing benefits like accessing reports online, which is making the healthcare processes hassle-free.
  • Seamless Payment: The mobile apps integrated with payment gateways are relishing the lives of patients with online payment services.

Benefits of mobile apps for Healthcare Service Providers

  • Ease in Consultation Process: From booking to scheduling and payment, the mobile technology is streamlining the consultation process. The mobile healthcare apps are helping doctors take consultation from outside the clinic. Plus, this technological innovation is making it easier for the doctors to explain concepts to patients via images, videos and other types of content.
  • Efficiency in Management: The mobile apps are providing the real-time working status of the doctors, attendants, nurses, and other people involved along with the availability status of equipment. And this way, it is helping in better optimizing the resources available and drive higher profits.

Want to enjoy higher ROI? Invest in healthcare mobile app development.

  • Remote Consultation: The mobile technology in healthcare has lowered down the gap between the reputed healthcare service providers and patients at the remote sites. Via innovative technologies like VR, the applications are making it possible for the doctors to attend their remote patients without stepping outside their office.
  • Accurate Treatment: With real-time access to patient data and 24/7 interaction, the healthcare mobile applications are aiding the professionals to provide the accurate medicines and treatment. This, in turn, is improving the health scale.
  • Secure Services: Based on healthcare compliances like HIPAA, the mobile healthcare apps are developed using the best security tools and technique. This ensures that the personal patient data will not be hacked and misused by an intruder. This has helped the healthcare professionals to nurture trust factor to their services.
  • Higher Revenue: With all the above features and functionalities, the mHealth apps are enhancing the patient-doctor relation, reducing the chances of errors, and providing newer ways of marketing. Thus, the applications are booming the healthcare business.
  • Better Brand Value: While the patients are looking forward to best healthcare services at their mobiles, many of the healthcare service providers are still confused what to do next. This indicates there’s a great scope of success – with lesser competition in the digital health market.

According to the recent reports, the market for mobile technology in healthcare will be of $206 billion by the year 2020. So, are you ready to plunge into the mHealth market? Consult with the best healthcare application developers today itself.

Healthcare Mobile App Development- What about the Future?

According to the market predictions, the healthcare mobile application development has a brighter future. Both patients and doctors are giving a thumbs up to the application of mHealth apps. In fact, a survey revealed that 93% of healthcare service providers think that mobile healthcare apps will improve the patient’s health, 31% are using mHealth apps, and 30% are looking forward to healthcare mobile app development. Not only this, even the tech giants like Apple are focusing entirely on the introduction of mobile technology in Healthcare. The Apple launched Apple Health Records at 39 systems a few months back and now are here with a Health Record API to encourage mobile app developers to build apps associated with patients’ electronic health records.

All these factors, as a whole, clearly indicates that the mobile healthcare apps have a greater scope in the future, implying one should hire the best healthcare mobile app development company today itself.

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