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Hero Splendor Plus Vs Hero HF Deluxe

Are you considering to buy a new bike for yourself but you are not sure which one should you go for? Well you can have a comparison between the Hero Splendor Plus and Hero HF Deluxe based on the various features these two bikes have to offer, their range of prices, mileage and so on.

The speedometer and the odometer of the HF Deluxe are of the analogue type. The length, height and the width of the Hero HF Deluxe are 1965 mm, 1045 mm and 720 mm respectively. The weight carrying capacity of this two wheeler is 130 kg.

Which are the few things that you need to check before you buy a two wheeler?

  • The budget: depending on the budget that you have set in your mind, you will have to go accordingly for the two wheeler. Setting a budget is essential. Make sure you keep in mind that the bike that you ought to buy is an investment you are making for your future. Also you will own it for some years and will also it will require maintenance which includes its servicing, repairs or even cost for refilling the two wheeler with fuel.
  • The brand: this is one more important factor that needs to be considered. While you know a two wheeler from a reputed company will not undergo any serious problems for some years and that can save your some bucks too. Make sure the brand that you want to purchase from has good reviews in case it is a brand that you are not very familiar with.
  • The insurance: also make sure that you have got your bike insured. Get to know what exactly will be covered in the insurance. Now, the riders don’t need to get their insurance renewed every year, they can get it done once in a span of three years.

The capacity of the fuel tank of Hero Splendor Plus is 11 litres while the Hero HF Deluxe offers a fuel capacity of 10 litres. The mileage that is being offered by the Splendor Plus and the HF Deluxe is 81 kmpl and 83 kmpl respectively. There are 11 colour options from which you can choose for Hero HF Deluxe and the Hero Splendor Plus is available in 16 colours. The cost of the HF Deluxe is considered to be around Rs. 43,000 ( on road, Delhi)  while the price of the Hero Splendor Plus will be Rs. 48,000 ( on road, Delhi).

What are the similarities between Splendor Plus and HF deluxe?

Both the two wheelers have only one cylinder. Also the valves per cylinder for both the bikes are two. The fuel that is used by both the two wheelers that is the Hero Splendor Plus and the Hero HF Deluxe is petrol. Also both these two wheelers come with the manual type of gearbox and a number of four gears. Both the bikes possess the kick start as for the starting mechanism.

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