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Even a beginner in search engine optimization should understand that there is no magic way to get traffic from Google and Yandex, which would guarantee good positions in the issuance at the touch of a button.The work of search engines is governed by complex algorithms, and it takes a lot of effort to “convince” them that your site or any of its pages deserves one of the top places on the Top-10 list.

However, in search engine optimization there are certain rules that work, and do not lose relevance for many years now. All of them are quite simple, and although there are much more advanced techniques in SEO, it is these practices that will help you create a solid and reliable foundation for the further development of your project. And most importantly, you can be sure of 100% security because their use will not entail any sanctions from the search engines. From the Best SEO Company he gets the best deal.

Check your site for this list, because even being an experienced optimizer, you can miss something.

SEO-tips for the owner of any site

Blog, online store, corporate portal, news pick anything. In search engine optimization there are a number of points common to virtually any type of project. It’s never too late to work on them. And that’s what it is about.

Optimize page titles and descriptions

These are the Title and Description Meta tags, which are very important aspects of internal optimization, which is why they are the first on our list. From the position of SEO, the basic requirements for them are three:

  • uniqueness for each of the pages;
  • Include keywords that are relevant to the content of the pages;
  • Short and descriptive, which allows the user to better navigate when viewing snippets in the issuance.

If you try to explain as simply as possible – well-formed Title and Description can be used as a way to “advertise” your page to the user, prompting him to go from search to your site.

Therefore, you should avoid re-optimization of their keywords, repetition of words and phrases, as well as other actions that can be perceived by the search engines as spam.

Successful snippet

A convenient way to understand which pages can be optimized is to analyze the site using a program like Screaming Frog SEO Spider, which displays information on Title / Description content for all its URLs. And then, see where you can additionally enter keywords, just tweak the text, something to replace or supplement.

Configure the canonical URLs

Their use allows you to tell the search engines the main page in case the same content is available immediately to several addresses.

Do an internal linking

These are links that lead to other pages on your site. In the example below, when you click on the link with the anchor in the form of the title of one of the articles, the reader will be redirected to the material, which deals in detail with the question mentioned in this paragraph.

Make the page template “404”

Improving user experience is an important aspect of modern SEO, and a well-designed page 404 contributes to this goal.

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